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Ginny’s Planet Private Limited is a social enterprise. We aim to build a planet where no one is considered the odd-one-out on the basis of differences.

We believe that disability is also a part of human diversity. We believe that everyone should have opportunities to flourish. We hope to share these beliefs with others around us, especially children.
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Ginny and her friends

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All of us have imperfections. Is anyone really the odd-one-out? Ginny and her friends spread the message of human diversity. Ginny has a radial club hand. Therefore, her right hand and arm is different from the left arm. She has 9 fingers and wears specs to manage problems with her vision. Ginny and her friends are generally busy having fun and exploring the world around her. Get to know them through stories and dolls.

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Recent Activities

Ginny's Planet team engages with diverse people through trainings and events. Read more about our recent activities here


What kind of world are we trying to build together? What vision does each of us have? What can all of us do to make this world better now as well as for the future generations? The posts shared in the 'Perspectives' Section dwell on these aspects through the lens of empathy, compassion, respect for human diversity, and related themes.

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