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Ginny will help you initiate a meaningful conversation with children on Diversity, Empathy, Disability, and Inclusion. A Guide for Teachers and Parents to be able to prepare Children for Future.

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Summer Saturdays: Workshops in May

Well designed and crafted workshops for teachers, parents, caregivers and children to imbibe empathy, respect for diversity, understanding of disability and the spirit of inquiry. Join us for Summer Saturdays in May in workshops for children! 

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All of us can spread empathy and inclusion with thoughtful products.

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An immersive, inclusive, and dedicated-day specially designed for parents, caregivers and  young ones to learn, interact, and understand about empathy, diversity, disability.

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Design your own Workshop


Schools are now helping students to learn, understand and respect oneself and everyone around them. Explaining the curious and different minds can be tedious and time consuming.

So Ginny’s planet has introduced ‘Design Your Own Workshop’. 

 Teachers and Schools design workshops along with Ginny’s Team as per the need and welcome the team to successfully deliver the workshop.

Educators’ Kit on Diversity For Teachers & Parents

A carefully designed kit for guardians to help initiate the conversation with kids about empathy, diversity, disability, and inclusion. A kit designed for parents and teachers to be able to trigger children’s minds and engage with their thoughts.

educators kit on diversity activities

About Us

Ginny’s Planet is a social enterprise. We aim to build a world where no one feels odd one out, where being different is Okay, and where empathy & respect for diversity is practiced as a way of life. We believe that disability is also a part of human diversity. We believe that everyone should have opportunities to flourish. We hope to share these beliefs with others around us, especially children.

Through our workshops, dolls, stories, gifts, and conversations, we nurture people and spaces to build an empathic and diversity-respecting world. Ginny’s Planet got incorporated as a Private Limited Company in June 2019. 

Our Products

Ginny Recycled Newspaper- Pencil Crayons

coloring pencils made from newspaperInnovative minds made Pencil Crayons with Recycled Newspaper. Interesting?

Being Different T-Shirts

coming soonImperfections are part of us and our everyday life. They should be accepted and valued. Spread the message with these cool T-shirts for children and grownups! 

Activity Bookmarks!

coming soonDifferent bookmarks with strong positive quotes. You also write reminders for yourself on the other side.  So we call it ‘your designated bookmark’

Ginny Doll

Ginny is the protagonist of the imperfect world. She helps us understand empathy and disability.

Photo of a hand holding heart and a ginny doll. Text says: 7 ways to make world a better place

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What is Ginny's Planet all about?

There are two ways to describe Ginny’s Planet.

One, as a social enterprise founded by two social work professionals in 2019 with the dream to build a world where nobody feels like an odd-one-out & where being different is okay! The aim is to simplify & trigger conversations on empathy, diversity, & disability – especially with children (& people of other ages).

Second, as the planet where Ginny lives and all of you are welcome! Ginny is a 4 yr old with a radial club hand. She wears spectacles to see the world better, loves the rain and jumping in puddles, and also playing with football. On Ginny’s Planet, imperfections are okay, being different is okay, and everyone has opportunities to flourish. Ginny’s Planet is actually the world where nobody is made to feel odd-one-out!

How can you engage with Ginny's Planet?

Ginny’s Planet offers several opportunities for people across age groups and professions for engagement. You can join our workshops and events, write blog posts for us as Guest authors, or join our internship programs:

  1. Sparkles Program: A 4-month program for all above 18
  2. Mom Internships: A 3 -month program for Moms on break and aiming to forge a career path. 
  3. Summer Internships: Starting 1 June! More information Here! 
Why is Ginny's Planet registered as for profit entity?

Ginny’s Planet actually works in a hybrid model.  We aim to become self-sustainable and hence offer paid services and offerings to everyone who is eligible to pay. The revenue from sales, as well as the contribution of sponsors, helps us work without charge with some of our partner NGOs and others on specific programs.

Who started Ginny's Planet?

Ginny’s Planet was launched in 2019 was two social work professionals who have worked in diverse fields.

Shweta Verma, C-Founder & CEO,  has worked in the area of disability rights,  mental health, gender and child rights since 2002. Her research degree (PhD) helps her take the workshops on research & inquiry forward with children. She trained herself to be a social entrepreneur through fellowships with SSE India (2019) and STEP (Shakti-The Empathy Project) 2020.

Jamal, Co-Founder & Director of Operations (Pro-Bono) has worked on issues of public health, livelihoods, and governance in various international organizations. He was a fellow of 2019 cohort of the India Inclusion Fellowship Program. He is also an alumnus of the Aritra Leadership Acceleration Program.


What Our Families are Saying

Ambareen Abdullah, from Lucknow, Gifted Ginny to her 5 years old niece

Ginny Doll is the new kid on the block of dolls. When i asked my 5 years niece who i introduced/gifted her to, she said-Ginny is my friend! She is kind, enthusiastic, and funny and can become anything she wants. Today, she is a queen as i am shared my crown with her.” Talking about her disability, she said, “Her bandage is super nice! I will take care of her at play.”

We sometimes underestimate compassion in our children. They do not see the difference. Adults show it to them.

Thank You Ginny Planet of finding a way to sustain it in childhood. Wish we had the chance too.

Bindiya R., from Gurgaon, Mother of Avnei, 4 years old

“In a world full of “perfect” barbie-like dolls, Ginny for us has been a wonderful alternative, that has helped us normalise the so-called physical flaws we are often made to fear and reject. When my four-year old first saw Ginny, she was instantly curious about her glasses, her radial club hand and why it was so? “How does Ginny eat food? Could Ginny color & paint like me? Why does she have 9 fingers when I have 10?” Her questions led us to engage in a conversation about disability and diversity – how there are people and children who may look different but are just the same. I’m hopeful that such conversations would help her develop a positive attitude towards differences..”

Gunjan Ryder, from Noida, Mother of Rebecca A. Ryder (9 years old girl)

We bought the Ginny dolls for our daughter, her friends and family. The doll has been a source of pure delight and joy! All the children are very fond of their dolls and spend time playing with them! Equally if not more important, we shared the message of equality and empowerment!

Meenal Pawar, from Mumbai, Mother of a 7 years old boy

Ginny helps learn my 7 year old boy how to to respect girls & be loving & caring towards kids with special ability. I suggest all the parents who don’t have a girl child in the family to bring Ginny home & make their kids understand how to treat girls equally & respectfully.

Richa Sharma, M. Phil in psychiatric social work, Gifted Ginny doll to her nephew Shivansh (10 years old)

I think Giny’s doll is an important play mate for little boys and girls. It has the potential to teach them so much about diversity, acceptance of differences and most importantly, being able to have fun and celebrate differences. It’s important to imbibe good values among children at a young age and the doll does just the job. I find her adorable as does my nephew of 10 years!

Ruchi Verma, from Delhi; Gifted Ginny to her niece

Ginny joins her friends in evening play and weekly tea parties. She makes slime with her and joins her commitment to make surroundings child friendly. Ginny is welcomed by her other dolls/ stuff toys who are happier to be part of a collective bringing kids together. She observed that Ginny has 9 fingers… but it did not matter to make her family.

Ruchika, from Noida, Mother of a 9 years old girl

Ginny is an exemplary doll that has made my child more aware about disabled kids. After playing with her, she was curious to know how Ginny manages normal tasks on a daily basis. I think this is a great initiative that can help more kids connect with children with disabilities.

Syed Mohd Yunus, from Delhi, Father of 3 girls

I’m a father of three girls and when I heard about Ginny doll, I wanted to see how my kids would react or relate to it. So I ordered one online. It’s a toy and kids play with it as and when they want but it started a very first conversation in my family about disability and diversity and inclusiveness. My six years old daughter Warda was quick to observe the design features like specs and brace and asked a lot of questions. 9-year-old Fatima read through the story of Ginny. This experience created a narrative that I shared with my colleagues and it further led to discussions on biases and prejudice we hold towards disabled people. I think Ginny is creating a space in this world where disability is accepted as diversity.

Vidya Rajesh Nair, from Mumbai, Mother of 10 & 15 years old boys

Even though my sons have grown up now I bought Ginny doll for them to share the message of inclusion she brings. I have always encouraged my Sons to play with all types of toys and avoid gender biases. When they were younger They have enjoyed playing with a wide variety of toys. I loved the concept of Ginny doll being a normal little girl with frailties anyone might have. I think the Ginny story books also help bring out the fact that she’s as curious and naughty as children of her age. My sons loved the doll, her story, and the concept of inclusion she brings. Looking forward to more Ginny Adventures!

Nayana’s Desk, Nayana Gifted Ginny to her nephews

Ginny is ready to dance as its autumn! Loved this doll! My dearest nephews love Ginny. Their mother Ronita wrote to say ‘Please tell your friend that Ginny has found a forever home in my monkey-land’. Ronita shared further, “My son gave her a makeover by tucking a pen/ ninja-sword on her back-straps.”

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