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By: Anushka Gupta*

Ginny’s planet started its journey in 2019 to promote empathy and respect for diversity. How do they do this? They’ve had multiple workshops with children, parents, and teachers, as well as organized a number of campaigns since then, and launched several products to trigger conversations on empathy, diversity, disability, and inclusion. Now they are celebrating their successful third year anniversary with their supporters, customers and employees on this June 28th.

This is the time for celebrations, reflecting on the past, learning from experiences, and planning for the future. And this is what Ginny’s Planet plans for June. 

They are Celebrating Each day

“Every day of your life is an occasion To Be Yourself and to Do Something Meaningful : with this theory Ginny’s Planet has chosen to celebrate each day with emotions and values that belong to its core. 

Ginny’s Planet has always believed in instilling vital values and emotions in children at a young age so that they can grow up to be thoughtful and conscious adults. They’ll be able to respect diversity and practice empathy with people from all walks of life, regardless of their gender, religion, sexuality, appearance, behaviour, or any other factor.

So Ginny’s planet has decided to celebrate emotions associated with empathy, diversity, and inclusion throughout Ginny’s birthday month, in order to encourage parents and teachers to educate children about the same. They acknowledge these feelings on a daily basis to offer you a reason to encourage your child to rejoice each day and learn essential values in the process.

Ginny’s Planet is encouraging everyone to come to join them and Ginny in this celebration.

What is going to happen?  

Each day is about sharing these messages with parents, teachers, and children: “It is okay to be you. It is okay to feel what you feel and express. It is okay for you to have your own safe space to share..”

Along with this, Ginny’s Planet is having a birthday month sale on a variety of products, including free downloads, and things to help you celebrate every day. Ginny products, tale books, and other items are available for purchase on Ginny’s Planet’s website. These products were designed to instill crucial learning and trigger curiosity and creativity in young children. They teach Empathy, Diversity, and Inclusion to children.

What all do they have in the box?

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Every day, Ginny’s Planet offers something from their large selection of products that represents or evokes that emotion. Ginny dolls, handcrafted puppets, fridge magnets, books for children, special t-shirts, colouring books, colours, pens, journals, and their very special Educators Kit on Diversity are just a few of the Ginny products available. They will also be sharing newsletters about products, love bundles, and special offers. A letter from the Founder- Dr. Shweta Verma is also out now!

Read this Letter for You from the Founder 

About Ginny’s Planet

Ginny’s Planet is a social enterprise Co-founded by Dr. Shweta Verma in 2019. They aim to build a world where no one feels odd one out, where being different is Okay, and where empathy & respect for diversity is practiced as a way of life. The brand runs on the core value of helping our teachers and parents to teach their children to become independent, smart and better leaders by equipping them with a deep understanding of empathy, diversity, disability and inclusion. Dr. Shweta and team work on building events, workshops and products to help teachers, guardians, and children with social-emotional learning, trigger empathic mindsets and develop the flexibility in situations. They work with schools to organize workshops for children & teachers.


*Anushka Gupta is a student of Design at UPES. As a Srijan Fellow from her University, she is engaged as Intern-Content Design at Ginny’s Planet for the period: June-July 2022. She engages deeply with aspects of empathy and diversity.