Ginny’s Planet is a social enterprise. We are building a world where each child grows up believing
I have rights, respect, and choices.
I belong. I am Ok. Being Different is O

In this world, no one feels odd-one-out, being different is Okay, and empathy & respect for diversity is practiced as a way of life.

We believe that disability is also a part of human diversity. We believe that everyone should have opportunities to flourish. We hope to share these beliefs with others around us, especially children.

Through our workshops, dolls, stories, gifts, and conversations, we nurture people and spaces to build an empathic and diversity-respecting world.

Ginny’s Planet got incorporated as a Private Limited Company in June 2019. We work together with Partner NGOs and ambassadors to forge the path for a world for all!

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The Founding Team

Shweta Verma- Co-founder of Ginny's Planet. Learn Empathy, Diversity and Disability.

Dr. Shweta Verma

Co-Founder & CEO

Dr. Shweta has worked on issues of mental health, disability rights, gender, child rights, post-disaster interventions, conflict, and resilience for the last 21 years. Through Ginny’s Planet, Shweta designs and curates workshops and products that trigger a change in mindsets. These products deepen the understanding of empathy, diversity, and inclusion for all. Ginny, as a lead character and doll on Ginny’s Planet, symbolizes Shweta’s mission to trigger conversations early with children in fun ways on diversity and inclusion. 

Jamal- Co-founder of Ginny's planet. Learn Empathy, Diversity and Disability.

Jamal Siddiqui

Co-Founder, Director-Operations

Jamal is an artist as well as a social work professional. Jamal loves to sing, sculpt, recycle, and write poems, and stories. He has 2 decades of work experience that spans public health, livelihoods, communications, and program management in several international organizations. 

Ginny's planet is building a world where being different is okay through Empathy, Diversity related products and workshops.