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We need your support to scale our activities and impact by expanding our products and services, team & partnerships. We aim to establish our base through the publication of children’s books, dolls, and action figures, and by hosting events for children and grownups. We also plan to produce short movies and animation videos; information kits in Hindi & English; and create website resources in both languages.

You can help us by:


  • Sponsorship of our products for children. You can sponsor our dolls, storybooks, and workshops for children, schools, NGOs, and libraries in Delhi as well as other locations.
  • Joining our events to experience what we do!
  • Volunteering  your time and skills in a structured manner if you can edit videos and photos.
  • Volunteering your time and skills in a structured & predictable manner in our workshops for children.
  • Becoming an Intern!
  • Inviting us for exhibitions, workshops, and events where our cause will get benefitted.
  • Supporting some of our operational expenses, including for creating content for our website and information/awareness material.
  • Spreading the word about us! You can help us by sharing information & posts from our Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, & LinkedIn.
  • Any other way that you may think of!

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Our Story

We started our journey in 2019 to build a world where being different is okay and where nobody feels like an odd one out! We simplify, trigger, and deepen conversations on empathy, diversity, disability, inclusion, and the spirit of inquiry.


Ginny Doll

A Day On Ginny’s Planet

We believe in creating an inclusive and empathic world, where diversity is respected in all its forms.

A world where being yourself is not just a campaign but is more like a way of life!
A Day on Ginny’s Planet is an event where everyone could experience such a world!

Ginny's Planet- building a world where nobody is odd one out. Explore services on diversity and inclusion