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Support Ginny to scale our activities and impact by expanding our products and services, team & partnerships. We aim to establish our base through the publication of children’s books, dolls, and action figures, and by hosting events for children and grownups. We also plan to produce short movies and animation videos; information kits in Hindi & English; and create website resources in both languages.

You can help us by:

  • Sponsorship of our products for children. Sponsor our dolls, storybooks, and workshops for children, schools, NGOs, and libraries in Delhi as well as other locations. Sponsor Storybooks for our partner NGO HERE
  • Joining our events to experience what we do!
  • You can Volunteer your time and skills in a structured manner if you can edit videos and photos.
  • Volunteering your time and skills in a structured & predictable manner in our workshops for children.
  • Becoming an Intern!
  • Inviting us for exhibitions, workshops, and events where our cause will get benefitted.
  • Supporting some of our operational expenses, including for creating content for our website and information/awareness material.
  • Spreading the word about us! You can help us by sharing information & posts from our Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, & LinkedIn.
  • Any other way that you may think of! Write to us: contact@ginnysplanet.com

Our Story

We started our journey in 2019 to build a world where being different is okay and where nobody feels like an odd one out! Mainly, we simplify, trigger, and deepen conversations on empathy, diversity, disability, inclusion, and the spirit of inquiry.


Ginny doll is the best gifts for children to introduce empathy, Diversity and Disability.
Join the Team at Ginny's Planet - New Internship batches opening up

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we?

Ginny’s Planet is a social enterprise that nurtures empathy & respect for diversity through workshops and products for all age groups. We simplify conversations around empathy, diversity, disability, inclusion, and inquiry! Read our blog posts to understand more about our perspectives. 

What is Mom Internship & Sparkles Internship?

Mom Internship:

This is an opportunity for moms-on-break looking at coming into the corporate world. The Mom-internship program at Ginny’s Planet is designed like a 2-way process. the program aims to strengthen your skills and perspectives related to empathy, diversity, and inclusion while enabling you to forge your career path with confidence. 

The internship does not offer a stipend for the initial 3 months. It will add value by designing tasks for you that pave way for your future career opportunities. The internship program is a fun yet rigorous experience, with time-bound tasks and a structured reporting mechanism. The 3-month program has a 2 weeks probation period – as you gauge experience within the first two weeks. In the first two weeks, you as well as Ginny’s Planet will be able to determine if this is the right place for you and either party can choose to discontinue within the first 15 days of probation. The 3-month commitment requires you to be dedicated to the program and you may not take up any other assignment/ job/ internship/ freelance work within this duration. Upon successful completion of the 3-month internship, each intern will be awarded a “Completion Certificate” subject to satisfactory achievement of tasks assigned and hours spent as committed.

Sparkles Internship: This is an opportunity for those above 18 years of age looking to streamline themselves for coming into the professional world while updating themselves with skills of empathy, respect for diversity, & spirit of inquiry. While the working environment and structure is the same as what is offered to Mom Interns (as described above), the period of this internship is 4 months.

NOTE: For both types of internships, previous work experience is not required. However, you should have either completed or be currently enrolled in a  course related to the position that you apply for. 

Why should you apply?

Are you keen to build an empathic and inclusive world through your everyday actions? Apply if you like working alone as well as in a team! Ginny’s Planet is a fun and exciting place to work where we provide structured learning opportunities along with using your core strengths.  You will be part of our other activities and learn about empathy, diversity, and disability perspectives that we believe in. This internship builds your CV and confidence if you are willing to give time to yourself and ready to shift gears with commitment towards empathy and inclusion.


When & Where?

Last Date to Apply: 18 Sept 2023
Next Batches Begin: 1 Oct 2023
Mode: Online/Blended depending on the position
Duration: 3 months for Mom Internships; 4 months for Sparkles Internships
Location: Delhi or anywhere in India, depending on the position

Positions Open:
– HR (Delhi)
– Training (based in Delhi)

Development Communication (join from anywhere)

Communication & Networking (join from anywhere)
– Digital Marketing  (join from anywhere)
– Marketing  (join from anywhere)
– Content Design (join from anywhere)
– Other (let us know if there is another role you have in mind for yourself!)


Is it a paid internship?

For those who continue with us part-time post the internship period, a stipend of Rs. 5000 will be given if they fulfill the criteria for extension of engagement. Once your internship is over (3 months for Mom Internships & 4 months for Sparkles Internships), there will be a review of your learnings and performance. The extension with a stipend will be based on this review.

For those whose engagement extends to full-time, information about the stipend will be shared at the time of review and discussion.

Sometimes, part-time positions are also offered based on the review. The decision for this is taken at the end based on review and discussion.

Is it a part time or full-time internship?

You can choose whether you want to be engaged in a part-time or full-time capacity. You should take this decision at the time of applying or during your 2 week probation period.

Specific Role/What are you expected to do in internship?

Common Tasks

– Attend Weekly Meetings (All GP members as well as team/task-specific)
– Attend weekly sessions of Capacity Building Workshops, along with its practice/tasks
– Understanding Ginny’s Planet business well through all social media channels and website
– Active   Presence   on   Social   Media,   engaging   with   Ginny’s   Planet   content   and promoting it – Be a ‘Brand Ambassador’ of Ginny’s Planet
– Participate in Live Streams and related recordings while learning about backend management.
– Supporting Live Streams hosted at Ginny’s Planet for different occasions as & when needed 

– Volunteer from time to time for common activities like taking minutes of the meeting, or any such compilation of information to be circulated for everyone’s convenient reference

– Actively participate in planning, organizing, and promoting “A Day on Ginny’s Planet” and related tasks.


Communication & Networking: You will work as a part of the Marketing Team to connect with relevant people and organizations through social media, emails, phone calls, and groups on various social media platforms where Ginny’s Planet is present. You will work towards building and strengthening brand image as well as expanding the network of Ginny’s Planet. 

Content Design: You will work as a part of the Marketing Team, and your focus will be more on designing and creating content (under supervision) for Ginny’s Planet, along with participating in common tasks assigned to all interns. Your work, in alignment with Ginny’s Planet vision, will also require research and summarizing of information/perspectives on diversity, inclusion, empathy, and inquiry. Your tasks will also support the Training Team. 

Digital Marketing: 
As a member of the Marketing team, you will focus on: s
trategizing and designing content & making posters, stories, reels, product descriptions, etc. You will also plan marketing campaigns for specific events and strategize maximum outreach using your learnings on SEO, Keyword mapping and search, and other core methods of digital marketing. You will also be engaged in competition mapping as well as supporting activities that help in spreading awareness about Ginny’s Planet.

HR (Diversity & Inclusion):
You will support
all stages and processes of Internships, Employee Recruitment, and engagement, as well as Consultants/Contractual Relationships necessary for Ginny’s Planet. This includes check-ins, reviews, personal improvement plans, and so on. You will be engaged in evolving policies and processes in alignment with recognized standards on diversity and inclusion. We will expect you to remain updated on current industry trends, diversity & inclusion conditions, share these insights with the team and utilize the same in creating a safe, inclusive, and enabling environment for all on Ginny’s Planet. 

Marketing: You will work as a part of the Marketing Team, and your focus will be more on supporting, designing, and creating campaigns; product launches; creating content; and conducting research (under supervision) for Ginny’s Planet in alignment with the value proposition and business model canvas of Ginny’s Planet.

Operations: Your focus will be more on implementing business and team-enabling processes and structures in consultation with the CEO. This includes engagement with the accounts team, managing communication, supporting coordination, and supporting logistics and work of all teams. You will also participate in common team meetings and internal workshops. 

Product Design: As a part of the Design Team, your focus will be more on ideating, prototyping, testing, and launching products while strategizing for marketing as well. You will work in close coordination with the Marketing Team. We will expect you to remain updated on current industry trends and market conditions, share these insights with the team and utilise the same in product development

Publications: You will support the publication, distribution, and launches related to printed and online publications of Ginny’s Planet. 

Training: As a part of the Training Team, your focus will be on enhancing your learning on capacity-building processes and related tasks for the internal team as well as external training.  We expect you to be engaged in content research and development for topics related to empathy, diversity, and inclusion. You will also support in creating training modules and materials as well as designing content related to information and education on themes that Ginny’s Planet works on. You will also document, coordinate, organize, and co-facilitate workshops as needed. 

Do you need prior work experience to apply?

Previous work experience is not required. However, you should have either completed or be currently enrolled in a  course related to the position that you apply for. 

A Day On Ginny’s Planet

Ginny’s Planet believe in creating an inclusive and empathic world, where diversity is respected in all its forms.

Create a world where being yourself is not just a campaign but is more like a way of life!
A Day on Ginny’s Planet is an event where everyone could experience such a world!

Ginny's planet is building a world where being different is okay through Empathy, Diversity related products and workshops.