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 Well Researched And Curated Content for Schools, Teachers, Parents, And Young Adults To Develop Empathy, Respect For Diversity, And Inclusive Behaviours At An Early Age.


What does Diversity & Inclusion mean to people?

Diversity and inclusion are complex concepts for most people. Many people already know a part of what diversity and inclusion mean. However, in reality, not everyone knows or applies all possible nuances in their daily life. Diversity and inclusion- these concepts can...

Ginny’s Planet Journey So Far

About Ginnys Planet A social organization that looks to build a world where no one feels different or left out. In this world being different is okay. Empathy & respect for diversity is practiced as a way of life. What do we want to achieve? Ginny's Planet aims to...

New Storybook Launch: “There is Something About Ginny” “कुछ अलग सी गिन्नी”

Sangeeta Gupta from Aate Bate Tales Team says, “गिन्निस प्लेनेट पर कुछ न कुछ ख़ास होता रहता है। अक्सर कुछ ऐसा जो उनकी सोच को और भी दूर पहुंचता है। “Here we are with our ख़ास सी बात, something which furthers our cause of building a world where “Being Different is Ok”.We...

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