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See The World Better With Ginny!

h Blog post by: Dr. Shweta Verma*  How many parents in India would buy their children a disabled doll?, ask C.K.Meena & V.R. Ferose in their latest book: The Invisible Majority, India's Abled Disabled . Calling Ginny "a radical idea that perhaps ahead of its time...

Ginny’s Latest Adventure – Storybook Launch

Sangeeta Gupta from Aate Bate Tales Team says, “गिन्निस प्लेनेट पर कुछ न कुछ ख़ास होता रहता है।  अक्सर कुछ ऐसा जो उनकी सोच को और भी दूर पहुंचता है।  “ Here we are with our ख़ास सी बात, something which furthers our cause of building a world where “Being Different is Ok”....

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Ginny doll on left. Ginny's Planet written on the top alogn with tagline: Building a world where nobody is odd-one-out