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 Well Researched And Curated Content for Schools, Teachers, Parents, And Young Adults To Develop Empathy, Respect For Diversity, And Inclusive Behaviours At An Early Age.


What does Diversity & Inclusion mean to people?

Diversity and inclusion are complex concepts for most people. Many people already know a part of what diversity and inclusion mean. However, in reality, not everyone knows or applies all possible nuances in their daily life. Diversity and inclusion- these concepts can...

Ginny’s Planet Journey So Far

About Ginnys Planet A social organization that looks to build a world where no one feels different or left out. In this world being different is okay. Empathy & respect for diversity is practiced as a way of life. What do we want to achieve? Ginny's Planet aims to...

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Ginny doll on left. Ginny's Planet written on the top alogn with tagline: Building a world where nobody is odd-one-out