Dr. Shweta Verma

Co-Founder & CEO, Ginny's Planet

Dr. Shweta Verma and her leadership have driven Ginny’s Planet forward. From championing diversity to driving innovation, explore her remarkable work here!

  Who is Shweta?

Social entrepreneur  | Social work professional | Ph.D. (Social Work) in resilience |

20 years in the field of disability rights, mental health, gender & child rights.  

 In 2019, Shweta Co-founded Ginny’s Planet 

Shweta’s Expertise

Social Work | Disability Rights|  Qualitative Research | Empathy & Diversity Training|

Ideating products connected with empathy & diversity 

What Shweta Wants to Do

Shweta has worked on issues of mental health, disability rights, gender, child rights, post-disaster interventions, conflict, and resilience. She believes in collaborative work and connections across diverse sectors. This has helped Ginny’s Planet build a strong network with its Partner NGOs.

Through Ginny’s Planet, Shweta wanted to bring children, youth, parents, and teachers into the conversations early on! She hopes that parents and teachers talk about disability, diversity, and inclusion with ease and confidence. Her ideas on blogs and products -all lead to fulfilling this!



Everyone is not expected to be the same, like the products from a factory. Imperfections and differences are part of being human. And this message is conveyed through our conversation with children as well when we try to correct their mistakes; or tell them that everyone does not have 10 fingers, two arms, two legs, and two eyes; or that everyone does not greet the same way across the world; or that everyone does not like loud sounds; and so on.

– Shweta in her blogpost: Do you accept diversity? (Read Here)

Career Path

2002– She began her professional journey in 2002 with Saarthak- an organization focused on mental health. Here she worked directly with homeless women, conducted needs assessments in diverse contexts, and led capacity-building initiatives on psychosocial support in the post-Tsunami phase.

2008– Shweta worked as a psychosocial specialist for a short assignment in Myanmar after Cyclone Nargis.

2012– While completing her Ph.D. (Social Work), she joined Academic Teaching. Her research and evaluations since then have primarily focused on well-being, young people, child rights, and protection issues.

2019– Her engagement with the framework of mental health and disability rights has continued since 2002 and eventually led to the launching of Ginny’s Planet with the core objective of simplifying and triggering conversations on empathy, diversity, and inclusion with children, youth, parents, and teachers.

Shweta In News

“Delhi-based entrepreneur couple Shweta Verma and Jamal Siddiqui have been working as social workers for nearly two decades. In 2019, the young parents decided to start Ginny’s Planet, a social enterprise, targeting a younger audience without leaving the parents and adults out of the conversation.”  Read Full article: HERE

Tenzin Norzom from YourStory reports

Ginny's planet is building a world where being different is okay through Empathy, Diversity related products and workshops.