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About Educators’ Kit

There are so many products in it which can help children with creative expression, and give space to their imagination, as they engage with various dimensions of diversity. It is also a great way to develop fine motor skills among children. 

The Kit

Ginny doll is the best gifts for children to introduce empathy, Diversity and Disability.

Ginny Doll

A Ginny for children who can have fun, can make mistakes and learn from diverse experiences, ask questions! Ginny believes that being different is okay.

Paper Puppet

Paper Puppet- Templates

A Great DIY activity for Children to build their own paper puppets using their imagination of feelings and colors.

Ginny puppets are a great choice for winter gifts to tell stories.

Hand Puppet

A puppet to help trigger a conversation about empathy, disability and inclusivity. It paves a way to express your imagination through stories.

May I Join The Class Today? Book

May I Join The Class Today?- A Story Book

This story book will help children raise questions, understand, and embrace diversity in classrooms.

Ginny's coloring book is a wonderful gift for children to develop creativity and acceptance.

Coloring Book & Pencils

A bundle of joy for children to paint their little world in the book with no limits and full imagination. Open the Windows to Creativity as illustrations trigger questions and understanding of diversity!

Finger Puppet

5 Finger Puppets

Children familiarize themselves with the uniqueness of each character. Use finger puppets to share the whole story (added in the Kit) or create several new stories! 



A Super Unique Bookmark for the kids to develop curiosity and learning. Each bookmark has a special message on front and introspective activities on back.

Facilitators’ Guide

The Facilitators’ Guide offers a step-wise overview and use of each product included in the Kit. The guide helps you confidently bring diversity conversations into classrooms and homes! You can use the ideas to plan your own activities too. The Guide works best when you also access free training from us on Diversity and Inclusion after buying the Eductaors’ Kit. 

Access Your Free Workshop. 

Here we are with our free workshop where you can get access and also easily understand products included in the Educators’ Kit on Diversity. Workshop is basically done to make you friendly and confident with all possible uses of the products.  You will be getting a free consultation from our experts.

Educator's kit on diversity is a great gift to spread awareness of Diversity and inclusion.

Dear Educators and Parents, 

What you do and how you do things with children is very important. Your energy and enthusiasm for things have a great ability to make children enthusiastic about colouring, making puppets, creating stories, sharing ideas, and so much more! Your openness to learn about things that may be new for you makes a difference in children’s openness to learning, sharing doubts, and raising questions.

I look forward to hearing from you about your experiences and supporting your confidence for leading conversations on diversity and inclusion

– Dr. Shweta Verma, Co-Founder & CEO, Ginny’s Planet

Ginny doll is the best gifts for children to introduce empathy, Diversity and Disability.
Who is the Educators' Kit For?

Schools, Teachers, NGOs, Libraries, Professionals who want to work directly with children to enable life skills of respect for diversity and inclusion. Also, a great tool for parents who want to share tools with children while engaging in a story or joyful coloring. Get Your Kit.

Educators' Kit is Applicable for which Age Group?

4-10 yrs. Get Your Kit.

What is the added benefit for Educators' Kit?

1-hour consultation with Dr. Shweta Verma on using the Kit in meaningful ways. Based on this, training and handholding for using the kit if you want to train minimum 5 teachers to use 5 kits. Get Your Kit.

How can it be helpful in Early Childhood Education?

Develops fine motor skills: The movement required to wear a puppet or cut the paper helps with dexterity and fine motor coordination.

Generates curiosity and imagination: The story and activities are sure to get children curious about norms and diversity. Role-playing and pretend playing also will also foster imagination and creativity.

Creative expression: Colouring activity gets them engaged and gives an opportunity for creative expression.

Language Development: Children will love to have ‘conversations’ using a puppet. Use this opportunity to encourage language development. Let the puppet be their voice for children who may not want to otherwise share easily.

Storytelling: Bring stories alive with Ginny doll and puppets. Put on puppet shows, and get children to create many stories.

Emotional Development: Dolls and Puppets can be great companions for children and help them talk and learn about their emotions. Stories and enactments are good ways to learn about differences, similarities, likes and dislikes of their peers and a way of good communication (when played in groups).

Get Your Kit.

Where can I purchase the Educators' Kit?

In Ginny’s Planet Shop or Click Here

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    Ginny's planet is building a world where being different is okay through our products and workshops.