Engaging Activities for Children this Summer Holidays in Delhi

summer activities

Are you looking for a fun and engaging way to keep your kids busy during the summer holidays? OR

Are you looking for a relaxed but engaged way for children to join summer activities of their choice- without getting burdened?

Maybe you want just one or two workshops and not the whole month of activities. Look no more. We have exactly what you need in Delhi for children 3 years old and above! 

Why is summer vacation important? 

Summer vacation is a much-awaited time for children when they can have a break from their daily routine and enjoy the season’s warmth. However, for some parents, it can be a daunting task to keep their kids engaged throughout the long summer break.

We understand that as a parent, planning a range of short-term and long-term age-appropriate activities is essential to keep children busy and teach them valuable skills. From fun crafts to informative workshops, there are many ways to make summer vacations productive and enjoyable for children. With a little bit of creativity, parents can turn this summer break into a fun and unforgettable learning experience for their kids, without burdening them too much! 

The best vacation activities for kids go beyond just being fun. They should also provide a platform for learning and personal growth. Here are some exciting sessions planned for kids in Delhi by Ginny’s Planet this summer vacation that will help keep kids engaged while enhancing their skills and knowledge.

summer activities for children

In 2023 we offered several workshops several workshops with Theatre Kunzum and some brilliant organizations and experts! Find out more below about 2023. But you can find out more about 2024 HERE

Details of Summer Activities for Children 

1. Ginny’s Craft Series 

In this exciting two-day event, children will have the opportunity to learn the art of doll-making and recycling while getting hands-on experience. The group will also design their bookmarks with cues from the expert facilitators. Children will be able to take home the creations they make, which will surely be cherished.

This activity is suitable for children aged 6 and above. You can contact us for a special workshop in your locality. 

Main Takeaways!

  1. Boost creativity and encourage children to use their imaginations.
  2. Developing fine motor skills.
  3. Teaching resourcefulness and becoming more environmentally conscious.
  4. Fostering independence.
  5. Respecting diversity and the fact: Being different is ok!

Who is conducting the session? 

Shweta & Jamal, Co-Founders of Ginny’s Planet will be leading these workshops, with other experts from design field with special sessions.

Dr. Shweta Verma is the Co-Founder & CEO of Ginny’s Planet. She is a social entrepreneur who believes in collaborative work and keeping conversations simple. Since 2002 she has worked in the domain of disability rights and mental health. Through Ginny’s Planet, Shweta designs and curates workshops and products that trigger mindsets. These products certainly help deepen the understanding of empathy, diversity, and inclusion for all.

Jamal Siddiqui: is a Co-Founder of Ginny’s Planet. He is an artist as well as a social work professional. Jamal loves to sing, sculpt, recycle, and write poems, and stories. He has 2 decades of work experience that spans public health, livelihoods, communications, and program management in several international organizations.

In 2023, Chayanika Moulik also joined us for a workshop on bookmark design. With a professional and educational background in Graphic Design and Literature, she has always pursued art in some form or the other, be it digital or traditional media. She conducts art workshops named Art & Chai across the country where she shares her passion with others and helps them explore their creative side.

 Check Ginny’s Planet Summer of 2023 Recap HERE!

 2. Ginny’s Adventure Club

Ginny’s Adventure Club will offer a 20-day Adventure Foundation Course to children aged 9 to 16 years in collboration with Safarnaama Travels. From fostering independence to kindling a love for the great outdoors and building talents, this would be a great opportunity for children.  
The components of the Adventure Foundation Course are: Backpacking, Camping, Basics of climbing, Knots and base making, and Outdoor survival skills.

Map reading, Self-cooking, Bird-watching, army obstacles, Team building games.

 Children engage with peers and mentors in an environment that encourages positive social interactions. Whether through organized games, collaborative tasks, or the forging of new  friendships, they learn the invaluable skills of teamwork, communication, and respect.  
Campers are entrusted with responsibilities and making choices during activities. This empowers them to grow into self-sufficient and confident young adults. While such autonomy is fostered, Instructors are always close at hand to provide guidance, ensuring a safe environment for healthy risk-taking and skill-building.

Who is conducting this session?

About the Chief Instructor:  Mahender Singh Panwar is from Uttarakhand and has trained over 30,000 individuals (civilians and soldiers) in basic mountaineering, trekking, camping, and related skills. He is trained in Basic as well as Advanced mountaineering, Search and rescue, Methods of Instruction, and High-altitude mountain guide. He has worked for 6 years with the Nehru Institute of Mountaineering as an instructor. He now offers his services through Safarnaama Travels, an enterprise that works closely with Ginny’s Planet to conduct empathy courses in their outbound educational trips for students.

Mahender is a passionate mountaineer, an encyclopedia of knowledge, and works with a lot of children in the outbound education trips for school students. He has completed a lot of treks in the Garhwal Himalayas – Kalindi Khal, Goumukh, Tapovan, Kedartal, Dodital, Bashuki tal, and so on. His Peak climbing accolades include: Mount Bhagirathi – 6530mtr; Mount Thelu- 5538 mtr; Mount Jogin- 6385 mtr; Mount DkD -5500 mtr; Mount Satopanth- 7072 Mtr

3. Ginny’s Theatre Group

Are you ready to see your child’s expressions with fun this summer vacation? Join Ginny’s Theatre Group an adventure filled with acting techniques and improv skills that will make them the star of the show!  In 2024, this opportunity is available for all children 8-12 years old living on Rashtrapati Bhavan Campus!

In 2023, from May 27th to June 10th, kids aged eight and above met together at the Kunzum Theatre in GK2, New Delhi for some serious fun. And the best part, the workshop always ends with a grand finale-a Theatre group performance. In 2023,  on June 13th from 5:00 pm – 7:30 pm, we were all happy and proud. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up your little ones for a memorable journey through the world of theatre!

The theatre workshop offers a space for children to explore themselves in relation to the surroundings they live in. The process aims to let children express their perceptions of the diverse spaces they inhabit using the agency of theatre. The workshop will encompass a range of theatre games, exercises, improvisations, art and craft, and writing activities. These will help children become confident, and creative, while respectful of diversity and differences.

Main takeaways!

  1. A creative outlet for children to explore their imaginations and express themselves.
  2. Enhance memory retention and develop strong teamwork and collaboration skills
  3. Boost communication & interpersonal skills.
  4. Socialize & build new friendships and connections.
  5. Amplifies children’s self-esteem and confidence.
  6. Opportunity to learn new skills and techniques, such as acting, stagecraft, and improvisation.

Who is conducting this session?

About Shomik: The Lead advisor

Shomik was introduced to the theatre very early in his school days. His engagement in school, college, and amateur theatre continued till he left Kolkata for Delhi in 2004 for professional reasons. Having worked with a few theatre groups in Delhi and with senior directors in Delhi Shomik along with a few like-minded friends formed Shapno Ekhon in 2009. In the last 10 years, Shapno Ekhon has emerged as a major theatre group in Delhi with 36 productions and more than 30 awards. Shomik has penned more than 20 plays, having directed and acted in all of Shapno Ekhon’s productions.

Shomik and Shapno Ekhon practice what they call socially relevant theatre. Shomik and Shapno Ekhon’s plays mirror the current times and theatrical responses to them.

About Shahana: The Lead planner

Shahana works for the development sector and her understanding of human issues and sufferings equips her with a natural capacity to internalize and portray complex characters on stage. She has been associated with Shapno Ekhon for the last 10 years and is one of the senior members of the group. Before Shapno Ekhon, Shahana worked with senior directors like Dr.Ashish Ghosh and Faisal Alkazi. A habitual method actor, Shahana, has won many awards at National level forums and is engaged in acting as well as mentoring junior members. She has a rare versatility to adapt to various forms of theater with equal ease. Shahana also has a keen interest in Heritage Education and leads initiatives in this domain within Shapno Ekhon. 

About Shapno Ekhon: Shapno Ekhon, founded in 2009, is a creative platform based in New Delhi. This platform aims to practice and promote socially relevant theatre. They have produced 36 plays. Furthermore, they have been honored with more than 30 awards in different categories of theatre. The area of Heritage Education is where Shapno Ekhon has also been active. Concurrently for the last 10 years, they have been planning and implementing heritage education projects and walks for children.

In 2023, Richa and Jamal were guided by Shahana & Shomik, from Shapno Ekhon Group, to lead the theatre group activities with children.

Richa Sharma is a theatre practitioner who is passionate about stories that exist all around us, in everyday happenings and emotions. She has trained in theatre at Sri Ram Center for Performing Arts and then performed several stage plays and has written a play as well.

Jamal Siddiqui is a Co-Founder of Ginny’s Planet. He is an artist as well as a social work professional.He has 2 decades of work experience that spans public health, livelihoods, communications, and program management in several international organisations. Jamal loves to sing, sculpt, recycle, and write poems, and stories. He has conducted several theatre workshops for students of social work. He brings his understanding of social issues into stories and theatre conversations.

About Ginny’s Planet:

Ginny’s Planet is a social enterprise. We aim to build a world where no one feels odd one out, where being different is Okay, and where empathy & respect for diversity is practiced as a way of life.

We believe that disability is also a part of human diversity. We believe that everyone should have opportunities to flourish. We hope to share these beliefs with others around us, especially children

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