We are back with the Edition 5 of A Day On Ginny's Planet with the theme "Let's Learn & Grow with Diversity: Food for Soul". It is going to be about accepting diversity, challenging the idea of perfections, and having fun while we do all this.

Moving Beyond

Being Different!

We believe in creating an inclusive and empathic world, where diversity is respected in all its forms. A world where being yourself is not just a campaign but is more like a way of life!
A Day on Ginny’s Planet is an event where everyone can experience such a world!

Event Schedule

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10:00-10:45 am IST: I am OK. You are OK: Differences & Disability- A workshop with Dr. Shweta Verma & Himanshi Sardana

What to expect from this workshop: HERE

11:00 am-12pm IST: Workshop by Poulomi ( Details coming soon)

12:30 pm IST: Session Details coming soon!

2:30-4:30 pm IST: Make your Own Ginny Workshop: Masterclass by Dr. Shweta Verma [for Training of Trainers]

This workshop is for anyone above the age of 12 yrs. 

Gift children a present and future that appreciates and accepts them for who they are! Tell them: Being different is okay!

Students, Educators & Teachers working with children, Train yourself to conduct workshops and conversations that trigger conversations on Empathy, Disability and Diversity! Doll Ginny and her workshops help us do so! Ginny is a 4 yr old girl with a radial club hand! She wears spectacles. Loves #Rain and #Running. And loves to play #football!

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9:00-9:45 am IST: Code Empathy into your Daily Life: A Workshop by Dr. Shweta Verma

10:00-10:30 am IST: सुरक्षा की कक्षा (Dr. Divya Vaishnav), BUD Foundation

11:00-11:30 am IST: Story with Astha Chadha

12:30 - 1:15pm IST: Immunity ki Foodshaala: A cooking workshop by Foodshaala Foundation

2:00 pm IST: Live Stream interview with a Sportsperson with Disability

3:00 pm IST: Session Details coming soon!

4:00 pm IST: Session Details coming soon!

5:00 pm IST: Session Details coming soon!

6:00 -6:45pm IST: Mindfulness: Key to Learning and Growth (Dr. Jyotika Taneja)

7:00-7:45 pm IST: Musical Evening with Songs of Love with Manorathi Foundation

8:00 pm IST: Open House for All

Why A Day On Ginny’s Planet?

It is an inclusive and judgement-free space where children and adults participate as equals. It is a glimpse of what Ginny’s world would ideally look like!

Like Dance? We’ve got you covered. Like creating things from scratch? We have DIY sessions just for you. Want to lead a minimalistic and mindful life? Our experts (a.k.a. resource persons) will give you the most effective tips to do so!

The event has got a lot more awesomeness to offer that we just can’t list down in this limited space!




Welcome one, welcome all!

When we say it is an inclusive space and there is something for everyone, we truly mean it! Any individual who is 4 years old and above can participate. Race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity etc. – NO BAR!

P.S: For children below 8 we do suggest an adult to accompany the child for a better experience.


Till 16 Jan: Super Early Bird Offer: Rs. 600
Till 23 Jan: Early Bird Offer: Rs. 800
After 23 Jan: Regular Pricing: Rs. 1000

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Feedback from Previous Participants

Logos of Partner NGOs : BGCT, AADI, Foodshaala Foundation, Manorathi Foundation, Udayan Care, Tara (take full name from website homepage) Shayong-Chehak , ChangeStation
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. What is Ginny’s Planet all about?

    Doll Ginny with lights hanging in her background
    There are two ways to describe Ginny’s Planet.

    One, as a social enterprise founded by two social work professionals in 2019 with

    the dream to build a world where nobody feels like an odd-one-out & where being

    different is okay! The aim is to simplify & trigger conversations on empathy,

    diversity, & disability – especially with children (& people of other ages).

    Second, as a planet where Ginny lives and all of you are welcome! Ginny is a 4

    yr old with radial club hand. She wear spectacles to see the world better, loves

    the rain and jumping in puddles, and also playing with football. On Ginny’s

    Planet, imperfections are okay, being different is okay, and everyone has

    opportunities to flourish. Ginny’s Planet is actually the world where nobody is

    made to feel odd-one-out!

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    Q. What is A day on Ginny’s Planet?

    It is an online mela/event with multiple events, each of  30-60 minute duration. We have talks, and workshops for people of diverse age groups. All are welcome! It is an inclusive event.

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    Q. Why are we organizing A Day on Ginny’s Planet?

    1. To help people experience diversity and empathy in the same space while learning, having fun, and improving imagination!
    2. This event also help us ensure that we keep our work inclusive, we are raising funds through the booking amount. So, every ticket you buy for the event helps us raise funds for the work that we do but cannot always charge for. If you can’t attend, you can still choose to sponsor tickets that we will distribute among our Partner NGOs.
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    Q. Is there an offer for the event?

    1. For children below 10, a parent or an older can have a free spot!
    2. Super Early Bird Rate till 16 Jan: Rs. 600 per ticket
    3. Early Bird Rate from 17 Jan – 23 Jan: Rs. 800 per ticket
    4. If you cannot join, you can sponsor tickets for members of our partner NGOs working with diverse groups!

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    Q. If a child is below 10 years of age, does the parent need to book an extra ticket for self?

    No. You can buy 1 ticket and accompany your child in the workshops. You can also participate in the workshops for grownups using the same ticket. We will ask you for your preferred workshops in the event.

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    Q. How long will the each session/event be?

    All our events will be 30-60 minutes long.

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    Q. I am in a different time zone. How will I participate?

    You can choose to participate in the events that are convenient according to your time zone! Convert the timings for your time zone through this: https://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/

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