Hobbies, nostalgia and much more in Ginny's Planet

By: Soumya Rachel Thomas*

I still remember the days when my friends and I would eagerly look forward to ‘S.U.P.W.’ classes in school. Although meant to further one’s interest in a particular field, these classes were a breather for class 11 & 12 students like me, who were otherwise bogged down by back-to-back purely theoretical classes (Hey co-PCM with Economics student!). It was only a few days back that I got to know of the full form of S.U.P.W. when I started drafting this blog post (I know! Not a good impression). So, according to formal definitions, S.U.P.W. a.k.a. Socially Useful Productive Work (Yes! That is the full form) is where students are encouraged to take up an option like art, dance, etc. basically something outside of academics and in turn, develop their interests in the same. It was encouraging to learn that hobbies could also be viewed as ‘socially useful productive work’.

So why am I talking about S.U.P.W.? You see, a few weeks back I got the opportunity to participate in Ginny’s Planet’s quarterly event, A Day on Ginny’s Planet. Soaked in empathy & respect for diversity, this flagship event of Ginny’s Planet has something for everyone. From art, music, and dance to baking, creative writing, and cooking, the inclusive day offers multiple events for people of all ages and all genders. Not just that, there are also sessions dedicated to impactful lifestyle practices like minimalism and mindfulness. One can join any and every session that they would like to. Making this more special is the fact that all the resources persons for the sessions are talented experts in their fields and volunteer their time and efforts to help Ginny’s Planet raise funds for its future projects.

As I was attending these sessions, I was reminded of my time during my S.U.P.W. classes in school. Those classes gave us students a space to express ourselves in the best way possible and the best form possible according to our interests. A space that often gets side-lined once you get into the grind. But A Day on Ginny’s Planet gives each one that open and judgment-free space that they need to revive their hobbies and interests and use that to freely express themselves. Which is exactly how my friends and I felt during our respective S.U.P.W. classes in school. And that enabled us to pursue our interests without feeling like an odd-one-out! Well, we did, till ‘life as we know it‘ took over.

But I am glad and grateful to have had the chance to participate in A Day on Ginny’s Planet’s fourth edition. This novel experience offered me an opportunity to not only rediscover my old interests but also opened my mind to new ones. So, if while reading this you felt like you wanted to take up your S.U.P.W. interests again and go back to your hobbies, I would highly recommend you join us for the 5th edition of A Day on Ginny’s Planet. I will be on the other side, working hard to curate an experience that you will remember forever!

P.S: Be on the lookout for this space to be notified and know more about the fifth edition of A Day on Ginny’s Planet.

About Ginny’s Planet:

Ginny’s Planet is a social enterprise Co-founded by Dr. Shweta Verma in 2019. The brand runs on the core value of helping our teachers and parents to teach their children to become independent, smart and better leaders by equipping them with a deep understanding of empathy, diversity, disability and inclusion. Dr. Shweta and the team design events, workshops and products to help guardians & schools to develop kids’ mindset and evolve as adaptive and flexible human beings. They work with schools to organise workshops for children and teachers.

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*Soumya Rachel Thomas, Development Communications Intern, Ginny’s Planet