Who are we?

At Ginny’s Planet we try to help parents and teachers to teach young children to become greater leaders in the Future. We train them to understand empathy, diversity, disability & inclusion though our well designed workshops & products.

This will help in improving the foundational values & skills. We curate books for children to read or hear with morals that can make a child stronger.

Design Your Workshop

Opening doors to learning life skills for children by reaching out to parents & schools through our simple activities to play & learn at home. We also create DIY Activities to help children continue learning. Reach out to us with what you have in mind and we can help you design a perfect workshop. This Monsoon plan a day with your child.

P.S. These workshops are conducted in a group of a Minimum of 6 Children


Educator's kit on diversity is a great gift to spread awareness of Diversity and inclusion.

Educators' Kit on Diversity

Educator’s Kit is for Schools, Teachers, NGOs, Libraries, and Professionals who want to work directly with children to enable life skills of respect for diversity and inclusion.

Ginny doll is the best gifts for children to introduce empathy, Diversity and Disability.

Ginny Doll

A Ginny for children who can have fun, can make mistakes and learn from diverse experiences, ask questions!

Ginny puppets are a great choice for winter gifts to tell stories.

Ginny Puppet

A puppet to help trigger a conversation about empathy, disability and inclusivity. It paves a way to express your imagination through stories.

Read With Us!

5 habits of highly empathetic people

5 Habits of Highly Empathetic People

People at their core are empathic. We all have a knack to connect, understand and communicate with other people. But this trait of empathy needs to be nurtured every day. How?

how to promote diversity in schools

How to Promote Diversity in Schools

Diversity entails everything that makes people different from each other, including race, gender, disability, sexual orientation, capacities, age, religious beliefs, or political beliefs. 

Importance & Benefits of early childhood education

Importance & Benefits of Early Childhood Education

The first five years of life are when the human brain is known to develop connections faster than any other time in life. 


What Our Families are Saying

Somak Ghoshal from Live Mint writes:

“Initially, Siddiqui, whose expertise is in public health, and Verma, a disability activist and mental health professional, considered using their nearly two-decade-long experience in the social sector to train teachers and parents.  Read Full article: HERE

Tenzin Norzom from YourStory reports:

“Delhi-based entrepreneur couple Shweta Verma and Jamal Siddiqui have been working as social workers for nearly two decades. In 2019, the young parents decided to start Ginny’s Planet, a social enterprise, targeting a younger audience without leaving the parents and adults out of the conversation.”  Read Full articleHERE

Newz Hook writes on Ginny Doll:

“Like all four-year-old girls, Ginny loves to run about and play with friends. What makes her different from other kids her age is that she was born with a radial club hand, has nine fingers, wears a brace to support her wrist and has spectacles to manage her vision problems.”  Read Full articleHERE

Ginny's planet is building a world where being different is okay through our products and workshops.