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About Ginnys Planet

A social organization that looks to build a world where no one feels different or left out. In this world being different is okay. Empathy & respect for diversity is practiced as a way of life.

What do we want to achieve?

Ginny’s Planet aims to build a world where every child grows up with a sense of belonging to their place, people, and world. They have the complete right to access every opportunity and grab any skill they wish just as everyone does. They have the liberty to choose. Their rights are not different from anyone else out there. Here they learn that being different is okay.

Through our sessions and offering we nurture empathy & respect for diversity.

We also believe that disability is a part of human diversity and that everyone should have opportunities to flourish.

Our Latest exciting launch on Ginnys Planet

Recently, Ginnys Planet turned 4 this year on 28th June 2023. This year we welcomed the new year by launching a brand song dedicated to enriching and celebrating the bond between parents and children. The moments of happiness and togetherness. The Song is called “Laadle”.

This song is dedicated to the times when all of us struggle with the feeling of being different from others when we feel left out or the odd one out. This could be either because of our own thoughts or our environment. We all get stressed thinking of it. But the truth is that it is not something that we should fight, we should embrace this and tell ourselves that it is okay to be different. This is our vision and we wanted to convey this through music to everyone. Hear the song and feel the vibe.

What is Next for Ginnys Planet?

Shweta, Jamal, and their talented team have excelled in constructing diverse sanctuaries within Ginnys Planet, providing each of us with an opportunity for each of us to enjoy and connect with our vision. So that every one of us can find something that we can enjoy while we learn to be a part of the world where we can help children and kids to learn that they have the right to belong and choice to be avail anything in life.

In line with our unwavering commitment to empowering individuals, our next endeavor involves the development of an interactive and captivating online course. We are going to cater to different subjects for our distinct category of audience i.e., children, parents, and teachers. Our courses are going to be available on sites that offer easy-to-access and participate in online courses. Very soon, we will be sharing a newsletter with all introducing our online course.

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How and When Ginnys Planet Started?

Ginny’s Planet was founded in 2019 by Shweta Verma and Jamal Siddiqui and it is driven by the belief that disability constitutes an integral part of human diversity. They strive to cultivate an inclusive society where every individual has the opportunity to thrive. Their passionate mission is to impart a sense of care, belonging, and understanding particularly in children.

Children are the upcoming generation who will work to make the world a better place for all of us. With time, Ginnys Planet has worked to build a vast pool of resources for children, parents, and teachers to learn how to build this world better. Shweta Verma, Jamal, and the team have thoughtfully designed amazing products and sessions such as workshops, dolls, stories, gifts, and heartfelt conversations, they actively nurture individuals and spaces, fostering an empathetic and diversity-respecting world.

You can enjoy their content not just on the website but on Ginny Planet youtube channel as well where they have curated valuable content for us to learn on a daily basis.

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About Our Founders

Founders of Ginnys Planet: A world for children, parents and teachers

Shweta Verma boasts extensive experience in the world of disability rights, mental health, gender equality, and child rights. With a profound research degree (Ph.D.) under her belt, she adeptly leads workshops centered around research and inquiry, effectively engaging children in these enriching endeavors. As the Founder and CEO of Ginny’s Planet, Shweta leverages her expertise to design innovative products, training programs, and compelling content that foster empathy, celebrate diversity, and promote inclusion. Her commitment lies in nurturing essential life skills and instilling confidence in children and those working closely with them.

Meanwhile, Jamal, our other founder brings to the table a wealth of expertise garnered from his work on public health, livelihoods, and governance within various esteemed international organizations. His invaluable experience includes collaborations with renowned international organizations such as Care India, ACF, Mercy Corps, NDI, and Orbis International. He is a multi-talented individual who combines his passion for artistry with his extensive background in social work.

Together, Shweta and Jamal are working to create a transformative impact. They want to build a society, a world where all of us consciously understand and embrace imperfecto and celebrate the full spectrum of human diversity.

They want to spread Ginny’s world environment with everyone and show everyone that disability is a part of human diversity and everyone has complete right to engage and capture every moment of life and even opportunities to flourish as everyone.

Ginny’s Planet offers a variety of products and services, including:

    • Did you know? series – Over the years, we have met many people who have curiously wanted to know more about Ginnys Planet and about our mission and offers. We have encountered interesting questions in our emails, social media, shows, and events about us. So we have dedicated a playlist on youtube for all those questions. Come find out the questions and the answers to it.
    • Mini Workshops & Long Course: An exhilarating journey of discovery and growth! Our captivating lineup of activities for children includes mini workshops. Here young minds can delve into crafts, doll making, and the beautiful tapestry of diversity. These engaging sessions are designed to ignite their imagination and nurture their creativity. Along with this we have some extensive long courses crafted to instill essential values and empower kids with a deep understanding of the world around them. Our long courses encompass a wide range of transformative subjects, including the art of practicing empathy, the celebration and acceptance of diversity, an inquiry-based approach to life, and a remarkable perspective on disability as a vibrant facet of our collective diversity.
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    • Dolls, Puppets & Games: Our main character, who now comes to life in the form of dolls and puppets. With her captivating presence, Ginny transcends boundaries and celebrates uniqueness. Her radial club hand serves as a powerful symbol of embracing differences and redefining perfection. Our innovative line of products will not only entertain and captivate, but also foster a sense of belonging and unity among players of diverse backgrounds. It’s time to embark on an adventure that knows no limits or restrictions. Unleash your imagination, embrace inclusivity, and celebrate the beauty of diversity with our delightful range of games and inclusive products. Let the journey begin! Check Out
    • Stories: An amazing children’s stories series has been created by Ginny’s Planet on Ginny and her friends. The stories are designed to teach children about empathy, diversity, and inclusion. Join Ginny and her delightful friends as they embark on thrilling adventures, unearthing hidden treasures, conquering challenges, and, most importantly, transcending the conventional notions of disability. With our storybooks, we will help children embrace Ginny’s experiences and realize that while we may all be different in their own unique ways, there is an undeniable thread of commonality that unites us all. Our storybooks are available in both English and Hindi, ensuring that children from various linguistic backgrounds can partake in this extraordinary adventure. Discover the joy of storytelling and the limitless possibilities that lie within its vibrant embrace. Check Out
    • Gifts: There are fantastic gift packages that Ginnys Planet offers for gifting teachers, children, parents, loved ones etc. Every festival new packages are designed to celebrate togetherness with products. These packages have a variety of gifts, such as face masks, pencils, and mugs, that are built with sustainable products that also teach us to be responsible buyers and users of the product. This boosts the sense of saving the planet and taking steps towards sustainability which is the need of the hour. The gifts are also a way to spread the message of empathy and diversity. Check Out
  • Conversations: Ginny’s Planet hosts a variety of conversations and events on topics related to empathy, diversity, and inclusion. These conversations are a way to bring people together and discuss important issues. Check Out

Ginny’s Planet is a one-stop solution for everyone involved in Early Childhood Education.

Who is Ginny?


Ginny is our world protagonist and guiding light of Ginny Planet. She is a fun-loving girl who captures everyone’s heart with her thoughts. She imparts feelings, curiosity, and boundless imagination. Our avatar Ginny symbolizes the spirit of adventure and unsatisfied curiosity to know and experience everything in life. She has been created in such a way that young kids and explored love to be her friend and walk with her through her adventurous journey.

A thoughtful gift for children

Ginnys Planet Offerings and Corner to explore in depth:

1. About Ginny’s Planet Workshop

Ginny’s Planet Workshop is a well-thought group of sessions designed and periodically scheduled throughout the year. These sessions are inspirational where children and parents can learn together how to transform children’s mindset. Every workshop has a schedule that helps children to understand themselves and then teaches a sense of acceptance.

Here children are greeted by a team of experienced and passionate educators who foster an atmosphere of exploration and empathic stimulation. There are hands-on activities, creative projects, and interactive lessons. Ginny’s Planet Workshop ignites a fire within young minds, encouraging them to unlock their full potential.

2. About Ginny’s Planet Products

Beyond the immersive workshop experiences, Ginny’s Planet has a treasure of friendly and carefully designed products for our loved ones. In between all these products and packages for loved ones, there is a series of Children’s Storybooks, a door to worlds of dreams yet to be dreamed. In these pages, children can embark on an extraordinary adventure, which triggers their imagination to nurture their love for literature and feeling.

Moving ahead of products and storybooks is another interesting product designed by Ginnys Planet to further support parents and educators in their quest to provide the best learning experiences, Ginny’s Planet presents Educators Kits.
These thoughtfully designed kits empower parents and teachers to create engaging educational experiences for children.

3. About a Day on Ginny’s Planet

A Day on Ginny’s Planet is a day filled with boundless opportunities and learning to craft a child’s thoughts along with their friends. A fun learning day to understand how we live in a world filled with people and diversity.

It teaches us in a fun-interactive way to care about our surroundings, be aware of everyone’s feelings, and respect each other’s space and skills. We have been organizing this day for years, all the children love to engage in our event and are eager to feel the vibrant surroundings of Ginnys Planet.

Every year, we set up a new theme for the event so the children o have a different learning each year. These themes are curated keeping in mind the environment and top challenges that children face. Accordingly, the workshops and periods are designed to ensure kids have a fun, interactive, and learning day. It’s carefully designed and tailored to suit the unique interests and learning styles of each child.

4. About Ginny’s Storybook

Ginny’s Storybook is a cherished companion for children to imagine and enjoy the world of literature. These stories take children to explore the world of adventure, flying them to a different world and introducing exciting characters. With every turn of the page, children become active participants in the story. They learn and evolve with the stories. It helps them develop their language skills, expand their vocabulary, and cultivate a lifelong love for reading.

5. About Educators Kits for Parents & Teachers

Parents and Teachers have a deep and impactful role in any child’s life and educational journey. Saying that it is also difficult and confusing what to do best to help kids. That is why Ginnys Planet curated an Educators Kits that would empower parents and teachers to be the guiding lights in children’s life. These comprehensive kits equip parents and teachers with the tools they need to create dynamic and engaging learning experiences for children.

This educators kit provides a roadmap for parents and teachers to inspire young minds, fostering a love for learning that extends beyond the confines of a traditional classroom.
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6. About Ginny’s Planet Internship – Be-With-Us

Ginny’s Planet Internship – Be-With-Us  – is an exceptional opportunity for moms to join our mission to aspire to make a difference in the world of children’s education. This immersive internship program invites passionate individuals to join the team at Ginny’s Planet, becoming catalysts for transformative learning experiences.

During the internship, participants collaborate with seasoned educators, innovators, and creative thinkers, contributing to the development of cutting-edge educational content and programs. This internship helps to build personal and professional growth. They are exposed to many different tasks that help them build confidence and recognize their talent.

Consider volunteering your time to Ginnys Planet to help inspire children to learn and grow.

7. Ginny’s Planet Presence Online

In this digital age, Ginny’s Planet recognizes the significance of online presence in reaching a wider audience and expanding its impact. Our online platform can easily be accessed by teachers and parents to know about the different kits, storybooks, and events that are curated to boost kids’ intellect and skills around the globe.

Stay connected with Ginnys Planet to be aware of the new upcoming events where parents can enroll their kids.

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Ginnys Planet is working to revolutionize the way children feel, learn, grow and understand their rights. Through our different and captivating events, story books, products, and workshops children, parents, and teachers get to learn and implement different skills of life. We have created a holistic ecosystem that nurtures the minds and imaginations of young learners. Ginny’s planet is on a mission to help and guide children on their quests for knowledge and curiosity. We strive to empower our community to make the world a better place to live.