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Did you notice all the posts, videos, and events around you to celebrate the International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD) on 3 Dec? Are you keen to build your understanding around the issues of diversity, disability, and inclusion?

Ginny’s Planet has recommendations for you. Many useful videos, blogs, and presentations are available online for understanding the issues, challenging stereotypes, and supporting the cause with better preparation.

This is a quick list. Please reach out to us for more knowledge.

1. Everyone is special and ordinary

2. 10 Days of Activism: A Playlist from ‘The Invisible Majority’

Watch this playlist HERE. It shares paragraphs reading from the book ‘Invisible Majority: India’s Abled Disabled’ by C.K.Meena and Ferose V R . The book is a collection of real life stories of inspirational work by social entrepreneurs and organisations those who have been addressing the crucial question: how do we make India a more inclusive nation? Even better, would be to begin reading this book after checking the short snapshot videos.

3. Children’s books to spread awareness in fun ways

Check the reviews of children’s story books! Watch what Ginny reads series HERE

Every week, the narrators share about one book that nurtures empathy, introduces diversity, and triggers the spirit of inquiry. Also check Kuch Alag si Ginny! 

New Story book in the Ginny series- There is something about Ginny

4. Laadle: A song that connects the aspirations of all kinds of parents and children

5. Meet Shiva Prasad, from Indian Wheelchair Cricket Team

Meha Bhardwaj leads this special interview with Shiva on A day on Ginny’s Planet! Learn about Shiva’s journey as a wheelchair cricketer and why he founded Divyaang Myithri Sports Academy 

6. Story of Fatima

Read this short article HERE for valuable insights into creating spaces that accommodate and celebrate diversity. Whether you’re an individual, a business, or an educational institution, implementing inclusive policies and practices benefits everyone.

7. Is Disability a bad Word? NO!

Catch Shweta Verma in conversation with Himanshi Sardana and Sonia Tiwari on the often-confusing conversations on the term ‘disability’! Find answers to some of your confusions in this video.

8. Do you accept diversity?

Read the blog post HERE to Check where you stand in this process of acceptance of human diversity from the Checklist! For many, human diversity is understandable in some aspects only, such as in terms of gender, age, religion, caste, ethnicity, skin colour, and so on. Even in these aspects, many of us may find it hard to move towards ‘acceptance’ of diversity. See where you are and move forward.

About Ginny’s Planet

Ginny’s Planet, a social enterprise, started in June 2019 to build a world where each child grows up believing:

I have rights, respect, and choices.

I belong here. I am okay. Being different is okay!

Targeting children, families, employees, and NGOs, Ginny’s Planet products, workshops, and online content help in building a network of aware, empathic, and diversity-respecting people.

  • Ginny’s Planet launched the first doll with disability in India in 2019- Ginny!
  • Ginny’s story: Kuch Alag si Ginny is already included as a recommended reading in one of the schools in Delhi NCR.

*This special Post is by Jamal Siddiqui , Co-Founder of Ginny’s Planet

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