Sangeeta Gupta from Aate Bate Tales Team says, “गिन्निस प्लेनेट पर कुछ न कुछ ख़ास होता रहता है। अक्सर कुछ ऐसा जो उनकी सोच को और भी दूर पहुंचता है। “
Here we are with our ख़ास सी बात, something which furthers our cause of building a world where “Being Different is Ok”.
We at Ginny’s Planet are excited to announce the launch of new children’s storybooks about 8 year old Ginny, “कुछ अलग सी गिन्नी!” (Hindi) “There is Something About Ginny! ” (English).

Meet Ginny and the team behind “There is something about Ginny!”

Meeting new people, especially older ones, makes Ginny anxious! Find out what happened with Ginny in this story! This book is written by well known professional and storyteller Vinita Krishna who expresses her love for children in many ways. She is a writer, and a special educator. The book is illustrated by Suvidha Mistry who is a sensitive illustrator and her visuals catch the imagination of children. The book is translated from Hindi to English by Manisha Chaudhry.

The author Vinita Krishna says, “We have some preconceived notions about special needs children (children with disabilities). Our stories work towards changing these thought processes.”

Sangeeta Gupta from Aate Bate Tales Team says, “हम सब अलग हैं। हर एक बच्चा अलग है । पर हम सिर्फ इस विभिन्नता के ऊपर फोकस करते हैं, then the child tends to become conscious.”

The book’s protagonist, Ginny, is a relatable character for children. She is a busy girl! She is fun-loving and curious! Ginny was born with many physical challenges. She has a radial club hand. She manages with nine fingers. She needs to wear thick heavy spectacles to see well. Ginny needs to wear a brace to support her wrist. The story beautifully captures the journey of Ginny and her new experiences.

Why Ginny and her stories?

This book is a part of the Ginny book series, which weaves and presents her stories at different stages of her life. What is her everyday life like? What does she worry about? How is she questioning, absorbing and dealing with things around her? Who are her friends? These are some of the things that you would see in the series.

“There is something about Ginny!” easily resonates with children, being relatable in the experiences. We believe that the book should be added as a part of the recommended readings for children in schools. This has been implemented by one school in Noida and we are sure that children are identifying with Ginny, her experiences and worries.

“Children come across several characters through videos, films and storybooks. Children often identify with these characters. They then form views about the world around them, what is acceptable and unacceptable. Stories and characters form a bridge between different parts of our world. When you introduce Ginny to children, you nurture their understanding that diversity exists around them too. For example, every person need not have 10 fingers, children can wear spectacles and that is Ok!” – Taken from – Why should you introduce Ginny to children? From the notes for parents and teachers in the book “There is something about Ginny!”.

Know more about “There is something about Ginny”!

“There is Something About Ginny” is a must-read for children as well as parents and educators and anyone who has ever felt nervous, anxious, or unsure in unfamiliar surroundings. It serves as a reminder that everyone experiences these emotions at some point in their lives and that it’s okay to feel this way. As author Vinita Krishna says, “One difference does not define the whole child.”

The book’s beautiful illustrations, accompanied by an engaging storyline, will capture the reader’s attention and keep them engaged. The book’s underlying theme of empathy, diversity and inclusivity makes it a must have on every bookshelf.

“There is Something About Ginny” is available now on the online shop of Ginny’s Planet www.ginnysplanet.com. Order your copy today HERE and join Ginny on her journey and experiences.