गिन्नी की रंगबिंरगी दुनिया


गिन्नी की रंगबिंरगी दुनिया


गिन्नी की रंगबिंरगी दुनिया

Price: Rs. 150
Pages: 24
Age group: 2 -6 years

Pre-Orders Open Now! It will be dispatched in June 2002.
Description: Ginny’s school vacations have started! What all is doing in Delhi? Which places does is go to? Here is a coloring book with beautiful illustrations for children to color! This book is meant to help children use their own imagination and creativity to add more to Ginny’s World!

Ginny’s Colorful World is also a great introduction to some interesting places in Delhi.
This coloring book also comes with a quick list at the end to help parents and teachers offer simple and engaging descriptions to children for each illustration.

Who is Ginny? Ginny – is a busy girl ! She is fun-loving and curious!

Ginny was born with many physical challenges. She has a radial club hand. She manages with 9 fingers. She needs to wear thick heavy spectacles to see around. Ginny needs to wear a brace to support her wrist.

What is her everyday life like? What does she worry about? How is she questioning, absorbing, and dealing with things around her? Who are her friends? These are some of the things that you would see in Ginny’s series, which weaves and presents her stories at different stages of her life.

About Ginny’s Planet- is a social enterprise that is building a world where being different is ok! Ginny, her stories, and our various workshops helping parents and teachers make this planet full of empathy, acceptance of diversity, and inclusion.


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