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Check out our list of products that Ginny’s Planet consumers have most loved. See how easy and fun it can be to bring empathy & inclusion into your life!

These products are teachers and children friendly.

Empower children

Use our products to empower children with life skills and confidence to accept themselves as part of human diversity, practice empathy, and engage in conversations on inclusion with curiosity and excitement.

Ginny Doll
Ginny Doll

Ginny is different and believes that being different is ok! Ginny doll is one of the easiest and quickest ways to trigger conversation on diversity, disability and empathy. She is an ordinary child having fun, making mistakes and bonding with friends.

How does it empower children

Child development is linked with the way a child thinks and uses their imagination. Ginny being an ordinary child does things which make her enjoy the things. Same way every child should learn through diverse experiences.

Let the child try to pretend and play and see how they react in different situations. Also, help them use ‘Being different is Ok’ phrase to present themselves to their peers with confidence. 

Coloring Book

Color Ginny’s World, our first coloring book in the series, triggers imagination, questions, and conversations on diversity & disability.

    Tips to help children learn 

    While many illustrations are quick triggers for conversations and understanding of diversity, do not replace the word disability with something else . Do not show discomfort to the children as it might influence children too. Children should be made things understand with a clear perspective, not in an indirect way.

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      Being Different T-Shirts

      Imperfections are part of us and our everyday life. They should be accepted and valued. Spread the message with these cool T-shirts for grown-ups and children!


      Ginny Puppet

      Ginny PUPPET

      A puppet of Ginny helps in triggering conversation about empathy, disability and inclusivity. It paves a way to express your imagination through stories.

      educators kit on diversity activities

      Educators' kit on diversity

      Educator’s Kit is for Schools, Teachers, NGOs, Libraries, and Professionals who want to work directly with children to enable life skills of respect for diversity and inclusion. Also, a great tool for parents who want to share tools with children while engaging in a story or joyful coloring.

      Cotton Masks

      Cotton masks

      These are handmade with love by the women artisans associated with ‘Parcham’ in Rajasthan, artisans in Assam associated with Bhramaputara Fables, and by Ginny’s planet.

      coloring pencils made from newspaper

      Ginny Recycled newspaper- Pencil Crayons

      Set of 12 colour pencils made from recycled newspapers. These unique colour pencils are wood free and made from 100% newspaper. It comes in a handprinted tube-box. These eco-friendly pencils are smooth to draw & colour with and easy to sharpen. 

      Ginny- Book

      Ginny- Book

      A book for parents and teachers on how to trigger conversations with children on diversity by introducing Ginny.

      coming soon

      Activity Bookmarks!

      Different bookmarks with strong positive quotes. You also write reminders for yourself on the other side. So we call it ‘your designated bookmark’.

      Empathy Diary

      empathy diary

      Each diary contains a message on empathy /diversity. 8X6 inches dimensions. Diary made from recycled paper that comes in attractive colours and designs.

      Recycled Newspaper Colorful Seed pencils

      Ginny's Colorful Recycled Paper Seed Pencils

      Colorful recycled pencils made from 100% paper. Check our product which is unique in itself and also contains seeds to plant.

      Newspaper Recycled Ecofriendly Pencils

      Newspaper Seed Pencils

      An eco-friendly product for everyday use! These are made with recycled paper. They also contain a seed(fruit/ vegetable/flower) that can be planted.

      Fridge Magnet- Ginny

      Fridge Magnet

      Fridge magnets are usually designed to decorate refrigerators. But when the magnets are handmade and are given with love from your near or dear ones, the happiness becomes double. This is just one more way to bring Ginny home!

      where is my Kenk?- Book

      Where is my Kenk?- Book

      Are you curious to know if Ginny is able to find kenk? Are you curious to know what is kenk? To know the answers please have a look into the product.

      Pencil Tops

      Pencil Tops- Clearance sale

      An attractive handmade pack of Ginny, Flower, and mouse for kids who love applying it on the pencil top. It is a sure way to spread joy among kids and grownups! The last few packs are left!

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