Sagar Gowda

Wheelchair Cricket Player
Sagar Gowda- Wheelchair cricket player.

Sagar Gowda

Sagar from Bengaluru who is the Vice-captain of Karnataka Wheelchair Cricket Team as well as a member of Wheelchair Cricket India Team! Met with a road accident in 2015 when he was in the first year of civil engineering and presently walks  using an artificial leg. Among his several achievements, the latest is being the Most Valuable Player of the Tournament in “Divyaang Premier League”, 2021 in Punjab.

He is working with Synup in Customer Success and operations team since 2019. He is also Communications Manager at Divyaang Myithri Sports Academy which promotes wheelchair cricket, handball, kabaddi and other wheelchair sports at grass root level across Karnataka.

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Sagar Gowda: Journey towards Cricket

Let’s be honest, we do not focus on or think (and neither do the media outlets) about sportspersons with disability until and unless someone bags a medal and that too if it is at the Olympics and no less!
Did you know that we have a Divyang Premier League (DPL), the inaugural season of which was organized in 2017? I got to know about the same from Sagar Gowda’s interview with Debraj Chaudhury, that was held during the fourth edition of A Day on Ginny’s Planet. A Day on Ginny’s Planet is a quarterly event (online) by Ginny’s Planet and brings diverse conversations and workshops to people across ages. Sports is always a part of this day.

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