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Summer Workshop Series: 25 May -24 June

Do you want to give children a unique summer experience that is not just fun and engaging but also builds life skills for a global world? Through these summer workshop sessions, kids will develop confidence, creativity, life skills, and empathy for people as well as the planet!

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Summer Internships for Kids: 25 May -24 June

Do you want to give children a unique summer internship that builds confidence and also exposes them to diverse social issues? Prepare children with life skills for a global world through our special internship program.

Kids will get an internship completion certificate at the end of the learning review post-internship.

Help children develop confidence, creativity, life skills, and empathy for people as well as the planet!

Previous Workshops In Summer Series

2022: May 14, 21, & 28 Forenoon

Fun & Creative Online activities for Children! Join in any one or all sessions:

Stories, Doll Making, Games, Craft, Empathy & Diversity Workshops, Making Summer Coolers, Theatre, Yoga


On Ginny’s Planet, join the journey to build a better world while having fun! 

Meet the Resource Persons

Dr. Shweta Verma is Co-Founder & CEO of Ginny’s Planet. She is a social work professional who has worked in the domain of disability rights and mental health since 2002. Through Ginny’s Planet, Shweta curates workshops and products that trigger and deepen understanding of empathy, diversity, disability and inclusion for all.

Shapno Ekhon, founded in 2009, is a creative platform based in New Delhi that aims to practice and promote socially relevant theatre. They have produced 36 plays and have been honoured with more than 30 awards in different categories of theatre. Shapno Ekhon has also been active in the area of Heritage Education and has been planning and implementing heritage education projects and walks for children for the last 10 years. 

Shomik and Shahana from Shapno Ekhon will facilitate the session for kids: Ginny’s Acting Group.

Shomik is one of the co-founders of Shapno Ekhon.  He has penned more than 20 plays and directed and acted in all of Shapno Ekhon’s productions. Professionally, Shomik is a Public Health researcher. Along with this, he spends a good amount of his time in theatrical pursuits of writing, acting, directing and creating an organisation for the future.

Shahana, a part of Shapno Ekhon for 10 years, works for the development sector and her understanding of human issues and sufferings equips her with a natural capacity to internalise and portray complex characters on stage. She has won many awards at National level forums and is engaged in acting as well as mentoring junior members. Shahana leads the initiative of Heritage Education within Shapno Ekhon.

Foodshaala Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that aims to increase access to affordable healthy food; and enable people to choose healthy through awareness and behaviour change programs. Raadhika & Chie will make Red Juice with participants on 28 May (List of ingredients will be shared with the registered participants):

Raadhika Gupta is a lawyer passionate towards working for social change. She started Foodshaala Foundation with the vision of a world where every person is able to make healthy food a part of their daily life. Committed to lead an active, healthy and happy life herself, her daily routine includes meditation, yoga, workout and healthy eating. She also plays the flute in her free time.

Chie Hirayama is a certified dietitian from Japan. She gives nutritional sessions to her clients. She joined Foodshaala Foundation as a volunteer, and supports the development of healthy recipes. She strongly believes that healthy eating builds a good body and mind. She wants people to say fit with healthy and happy cooking.

Bhoomi: Bhoomi is an enthusiastic and open-minded person who is also a life-long learner. She is a Yoga Trainer and has also completed a course in design. She is a Sparkles Intern on Ginny’s Planet and engages closely with workshops and stories.

Ginny's planet is building a world where being different is okay through Empathy, Diversity related products and workshops.