Playing a sport can make you feel challenged and strong. The competition can help you grow! Every individual may have the urge to win but a few can win in almost every chance they get. We are proud to have such an inspirational and prominent international wheelchair tennis player, Prathima Rao, from India.

Prathima Rao hails from Mangalore and is based in Bangalore currently. She has been fond of sports since she was a child. Diagnosed with polio, she uses a caliper to move around. She continued playing tennis and badminton, but discovered her passion for tennis with the use of her wheelchair. She found the strength of her shoulders to ace the matches.

Her consistency is manifested with winning the ‘Tabebuia Open : Wheelchair Tennis Championship’ faithfully from the year 2017 to 2021. She manages to balance her career, tennis practice, and family commitments. Covid-19 led to a temporary break from tournaments. Yet, she is waiting to hit the court.

Do you wish to hear more about this cool champ? Head on to our exclusive interview with Prathima where she shares her path and hurdles, she faced in her life.

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