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Empathy and diversity workshops & courses for children: These trainings are offered to children aged 4 years and above. We use a combination of stories, toys, games, reflections, and action.  Some of the workshops we offer:

  1. Practicing Empathy
  2. Being different is OKAY: Acknowledging Diversity
  3. Understanding disability as diversity
  4. Inquiry & research as a way of life
  5. Make your own Ginny
  6. Make your own Ginny Stories

‘Disability as diversity’ trainings for adults and organizations: Orientation sessions with employees of organizations promote an understanding of disability and basic do’s and don’ts of respecting disability as part of human diversity. These orientations are participatory. We engage participants actively through a combination of audio-visual content, discussions, as well as group activities.

Workshops for change-makers and development/social work professionals: We nurture a range of perspectives and skills through workshops and conversations on empathy, diversity, disability, use of dolls and doll-making as a catalyst for change, and so on.  We also offer 30 minutes free online capsule workshops. These are conducted monthly.

Poster announcing workshop by Rajasee Ray and has her photo on it

 Give an opportunity to children to imagine and create their own story with Ginny, and make a storybook too!

Who is Ginny? A 4 yr old with radial club hand. Explore her world HERE

Who is Rajasee Ray? A professional illustrator and graphic designer who loves all things fantasy. She’s co-founder at Ladyfingers Co. – a communication design studio. Know More: HERE

What will children learn/do in this workshop?
1. How to create a storyboard?
2. How to make a pop up story book?
3. Who is Ginny & how people can be different.

This is for a small group of children.
Total No. of spots: 8

When: 24 April| Saturday| 11 am- 12:30 pm | Online

Pay Rs. 399 & Join! 
Book: HERE

Things you need to bring for the workshop on 24 April
1. Paper sheets (A 4 size)
2. Sketch pens
3. Crayons or Colour pencils
4. Scissors
5. Glue

Poster for upcoming toy party for children

Ginny is going for a Toy Party! Join her with your favourite toy

Join Ginny, Shweta and many others at an online party full of stories & toys!! All you need to do is bring your favourite toy along and tell us about it!!

When: Details Coming Soon! 
Where: On Zoom [you will receive the link when you book your spot]
For Whom: Children age 4+
How many spots: 15

Know more about Ginny: HERE

Know more about Shweta: HERE

Poster for workshop on diversity

Date and Time: Details Coming Soon!

Age group: Details Coming Soon!

Spots: 8

Fee: Rs. 399 per participant.

Who will do this? : Dr. Shweta Verma, CEO, Ginny’s Planet. Know more about her: HERE

Resource for you: Do watch THIS VIDEO on Empathy . This is in Hindi

poster for workshop for children to make summer drinks

It is summer time and Ginny is wondering how to beat the summer with cool drinks! Ginny and other children will learn to make these in a Masterclass by Raadhika & Amit on 25 April, Sunday evening: 5-6 pm! Join them!

Who is bringing this for you? This is a joint initiative of Ginny’s Planet & Foodshaala Foundation ( ). Amit & Raadhika from Foodshaala are coming back with their interesting recipes & anecdotes. 

Date and Time: 25 April, Sunday, 5-6 pm IST.

Age group: Children of age 4 yrs and above

Spots per Batch: 15 families (1 child + 1 accompanying older sibling/parent/guardian for children below 8 yrs of age)

Language Hindi + English Mixed


Things you need to bring on 25 April : Will be shared with participants

One to one courses for Children

Know your Facilitator: Dr. Shweta Verma

One to One courses are run in 3 sessions. The dates & timings (Mon-Friday) are decided with mutual discussion. Book a spot: HERE

Which Topics are available?

  1. Practicing Empathy
  2. Being different is being Okay:Acknowledging Diversity
  3. Understanding Disability as Diversity
  4. Inquiry & Research as a Way of Life: An Introduction

Why should you orient children through these workshops?

  • You want to prepare future citizens who are kind, caring, and respectful for diversity. Their future decisions will be influenced by how they view their world and their role in it.
  • You want children to combat stereotypes, bias, and discrimination from an early age!
  • To nurture an environment of respect for differences.
  • To nurture the spirit of exploration and inquiry to find answers (instead of believing in opinions)


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