Spread Empathy, Respect for Diversity & Inclusion Through Customised Trainings, Courses, and Mini Workshops For Children & Grownups
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Our Workshops

We offer customized training modules for Schools, NGOs, & Corporates to help them integrate empathy, respect for diversity, & inquiry-based approach in their everyday work. The training uses a combination of games, reflections, and age-appropriate activities.

Upcoming Workshop

Ginny’s Planet will be hosting LOW-COST webinars/workshops on important topics once a month. Join us for

RELATIONAL BULLYING: What to do when a child experiences or shows such behavior?

[A Workshop for Teachers, Parents, & Concerned Citizens]

stop bullying webinar

LOW COST Webinar For October for Teachers & Parents: Bullying is ‘someone picking on the other’, often repeatedly. This is an unwanted aggressive or silent behavior that often makes the other feel less confident and have doubts about fitting in. Relational bullying behaviors are much more hidden than other forms of bullying and are often tied up among friendship groups. This includes but is not limited to exclusion, gossip, silent treatment, threatening to end a friendship, and so on.

Once you have identified Relational Bullying, you must know what to do when a child experiences or is exhibiting such behaviors. Ginny’s Planet, therefore, brings to all teachers, parents, and caregivers a webinar/workshop on: “RELATIONAL BULLYING : What to do when a child experiences or shows such behaviors?

WHEN? –4 Nov, Sat, 10 am-12 pm IST, ONLINE

LANGUAGE– English (if you want to join this workshop in Hindi, please wait for the next announcement)

Key Takeaways
  • Checklist for identifying potential relational bullying behaviors.
  • First few steps with children who may be engaging in relational bullying.
  • First few steps with children who may be impacted by relational bullying.
  • Actions for Parents to create a bullying-free zone at home.
Who is the lead expert?

Dr. Shweta Verma – CEO and Co-founder of Ginny’s Planet. Dr. Shweta has worked on issues of mental health, disability rights, gender, child rights, post-disaster interventions, conflict, and resilience for the last 21 years. Through Ginny’s Planet, Shweta designs and curates workshops and products that trigger a change in mindsets. These products deepen the understanding of empathy, diversity, and inclusion for all. Ginny, as a lead character and doll on Ginny’s Planet, symbolizes Shweta’s mission to trigger conversations early with children in fun ways on diversity and inclusion.

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Learn How To Introduce Yourself In Different Settings

[A Workshop for Anyone 15 years old and above]

soft skills  workshop

FREE WORKSHOP ONLINE  For 15-year-olds and above: Equip yourself with the knowledge and practical skills needed to create positive and lasting first impressions in personal and professional interactions through this series. Learn how to build confidence, establish rapport, and leave a memorable mark through the way you introduce yourself in different settings in the first workshop.

TOPIC: First Impression: Learn How To Introduce Yourself In Different Settings

WHEN? –4 Nov, Sat, 3-4 pm IST, ONLINE

LANGUAGE– English & Hindi

Key Takeaways
  • Importance of effective Introduction.
  • Ways to Greet Others and Introduce Yourself
  • Body Posture and Facial Expressions for an Impactful Introduction
  • Difference between a casual and a professional introduction.
Who is the lead trainer?

Ashima Sachdeva is a freelance consultant for Spoken English and Soft Skills.
“I believe A gentle word, a kind look, a good-natured smile can work wonders and accomplish miracles.”, believes Ashima.
Ashima holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and is a certified Soft Skills Trainer and a Business Communication Coach. She started her professional journey as a copy editor, and then as a content editor. She has also been an Edupreneur.


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Past Webinars in the series 

How to identify and prevent relational bullying in schools? : 2 Sept & 9 Sept. 

Workshop for parents on How to identify and stop Relational Bullying in Schools? Image of a boy looking serious. Webinar on How to Identify & Prevent Relational Bullying in Schools?
Key Takeaways
  • Checklist for identification of relational bullying.
  • How can diversity-focused conversations prevent relational bullying?
  • Storybooks that can be used in classroom conversations to talk about relational bullying.
  • Information about Educator’s Kit of Ginny’s Planet which is a useful tool for classrooms.
Key Takeaways
  • Using Beginners Mindset.
  • Do not make assumptions.
  • We can have more than 1 feeling at a time.
  • What is not empathy?
  • What are empathy-based responses?
  • Embracing own vulnerabilities & challenges.
Why is Empathy important?
  • Empathy is often considered a trait. But it is also a life skill that can be nurtured.
  • All caregivers, including Teachers and Parents, need to practice and demonstrate empathy to help build a society that is kind, accepting, and respectful of others and their surroundings.
  • Empathetic thinking and behaviors benefit children in their social and psychological growth, as well as success in their personal and professional life.

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Key Takeaways
  • Reflect on self as part of diversity.
  • Acknowledging diversity that exists in the world and we do not have to be like others all the time.
  • Real vs tokenistic acceptance of diversity.
Why accepting diversity is important?
  • Diversity is a fact. It is not a choice.
  • Acknowledging diversity for the self and others paves the way for an inclusive world where everyone belongs.
  • To nurture an environment of respect for differences.

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Understanding Disability as Diversity

disability and inclusion workshop
Key Takeaways
  • Look at disability beyond medical definitions.
  • Recognize disability as a part of human diversity.
  • Reflect on dos and don’ts while following principles of respect for human diversity, evolving capabilities, reasonable accommodation & non- discrimination.
Why conversation on disability and inclusion is important?
  • Combat bias and stereotypes from an early age. 
  • Learn perspectives beyond medical definitions. 
  • Best intentions may not lead to inclusion without better awareness. 
  • Become comfortable in talking about and with persons with disabilties. 

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Inquiry & Research as a way of life

inquiry based learning
Key Takeaways
  • Develop skills to ask relevant questions.
  • Evaluating information from diverse groups.
  • Everyday actions of being a researcher.
  • Understand the difference between research and opinion.
  • Steps that help and find answers to every question.
Why learning inquiry approach is important?
  • Combat bias and stereotypes from an early age.
  • Nurture explanations, curiosity, and spirit of inquiry in everyday life.

  • Asking relevant questions and finding answers help one prepare for the future.

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Make Your Own Ginny: Doll Making Workshops

doll making workshops

Ginny is a 4 yr old girl  (now 8!) with a radial club hand! She wears spectacles. She loves rain and running & loves to play football! Doll Ginny and her workshops help in triggering conversations on Empathy, Disability, and Diversity.

‘Make your own Ginny’ Workshops are the simplest and most fun when it comes to conversations on diversity. In these workshops, children: Meet Ginny, Make Ginny, Have fun, Imagine, and Talk about Diversity!

Why is doll making ( craft ) workshop important?
  • Combat bias and stereotypes from an early age.
  • Nurture explanations, curiosity, and spirit of inquiry in everyday life.
  • Use of fun activity that gives children meaningful learning on acceptance of diversity.

Watch to know about Ginny doll making workshops