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Who is Ginny?

Ginny is a four years old girl who loves to explore, plays football, loves the rain, and many other things. She has nine fingers, a radial club hand and wears spectacles. Nobody feels like an odd-one-out on her Planet- Ginny’s Planet!

Questions you may have about Ginny

  1. Why is Ginny wearing specs? : Ginny has problems in her vision. Spectacles help her see clearly.
  2. Why is Ginny wearing a brace on her right hand? : The brace helps in supporting the wrist and keeping the hand in a straight position. Ginny has a radial club hand. Radial club hands can be of various kinds. But for Ginny, it meant that she had a thumb in her right hand, which was not functional. Hence, it had to be removed. Her index figure was then converted into a thumb through a surgery. Therefore she has 4 fingers in the right hand. Along with this, one of her bones in the right arm was short and slightly curved. This bone was straightened through a surgery.
  3. Does Ginny experience discomfort and pain when she wears brace on her right hand? : Brace (or cast – if you want to call it) is part of Ginny’s life. It is like her spectacles. It helps her manage things better. It does not cause her pain or discomfort. But yes, since Ginny is a growing child, the size of the brace has to change too. So, just like you wear new or bigger shoes when you are taller, Ginny has to wear a different sized brace as she grows. If she wears smaller brace that does not fit (just like wearing small shoes!), it will cause pain and discomfort.
  4. Is Ginny available in different skin colors and hairstyles? : Not really. Ginny is a person. Her skin color has not changed. Her hairstyle might change as she grows and decides to change it. But, at present, the length of her hair is what you see. There will be other versions of the doll as she grows.
  5. Is Ginny a real person? : We can surely say that Ginny is not based on imagination! Ginny and her stories are based on real people. Radial club hand is a real condition. And many children do wear spectacles!
  6. Why does a Ginny Doll cost this much? : Ginny doll is handmade. Women who have made it have been paid a fair wage for their work. Therefore, the production cost for us is not very low. As a social enterprise, Ginny’s Planet collaborates with other social enterprises to support their cause. When you buy a Ginny Doll, you also express your support for sustaining livelihoods of people engaged with these social enterprises!
  7. Is Ginny Doll washable? : Yes, you can wash the doll with hands. Please do not use washing machine or its drier.
  8. From where can you buy Ginny doll? You can buy the doll & story book from our online shop: HERE

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Other Stories from Ginny's World!

The Fear of Exam Results - By: Oshin Dhawan & Rajasee Ray

The Fear of Exam Results

A story by Oshin Dhawan*

Illustrations by Rajasee Ray

– Editing by Beena Rehman



“Hellllllooooo Vandana didi!!!” Ginny chirped.

She was excited to see Vandana, who seemed a bit different today. Vandana smiled, “Hello Ginny!”

Ginny, Vandana didi, and their parents met at the gate of the school. Four-year-old Ginny & twelve years old Vandana studied in the same school. They were neighbours too!

Today, they had come to collect their report cards, this is what Ginny’s mummy called them. For Ginny, this was just another visit to meet Ma’am, play with friends, and run around in the school ground.

Vandana, on the other hand, was wondering what would happen. For her last exams, she had barely managed to get the “passing marks.”

“Are my marks going to be good enough?”

“What if I fail this time too?”

“What will Ma’am say this time about me?”

“I am so scared! Do I look scared?”

“Do my parents know that I am scared? Of course! They must know! Parents always know! Don’t they?” These were the thoughts running through Vandana’s mind.

She stared at the building walls, barely noticing anything around her.

Vandana’s chain of thoughts was broken by Ginny,

“Bye Bye Vandana Didi!”

Ginny ran to her classroom while her parents tried to catch up with her.

Vandana’s classroom was on the second floor. She remained silent and lost in her thoughts as she walked up the stairs with her parents. They entered the classroom and sat at one of the desks.

There were other friends too sitting with their parents. They waved to each other silently, trying not to make any noise.

This was quite a contrast to what was happening in Ginny’s classroom. Kids were busy playing with the toys kept on the shelves while parents waited for their turn.

“Here, eat something,” Vandana’s father’s voice jolted her out her thoughts again. He offered a bread roll from the canteen. He had bought that along with a packet of juice when everyone was chatting outside the school canteen near the school gate.

Vandana wanted to say no. But then she took it. She generally ate a lot when she was scared or nervous.

Their turn came and Vandana and her parents went forward to meet the teacher. Ma’am smiled and handed over the report card.

“Well done, Vandana. You have secured a second position in the class,” she said.

Vandana couldn’t believe this! But she was smiling.

When they came out of the classroom, Vandana’s mother hugged her tightly.

“We should celebrate! Let’s go to the canteen! Eat whatever you want to. I am so proud of you!” said her mother, who was evidently excited.

Vandana looked at her father. He did not look as excited as her mother. He did not seem sad either. He was just fine. That bothered Vandana. She expected him to be super excited.

“What’s the matter, papa? Why aren’t you happy? I promise I will try to get the first position next time,” said Vandana.

“No, that is not what I am worried about. I am just scared that what would happen if the next time you are not able to score as much as you did today? I do not want you to be sad then,” he said.

“I am very proud of you! But I don’t want you to think that if you do not secure the same position then you are not capable!”

Vandana understood.

“You are capable of a lot of things and just marks cannot define who you are!” assured Vandana’s father.

They had reached the canteen. It was time to celebrate. Ginny was already there with her parents. They all ate ice-creams! Ginny was always excited to celebrate. She made Vandana didi cut the ice cream in a cup as if it was a cake!

They all enjoyed the moment and sang the ‘Happy Birthday to You Song’ but with changed lyrics,

Congratulations to you!

Congratulations to you!

Congratulations to you…dear Vandana!

Congratulations to youuu!”


From that day Vandana never feared failure. She told Ginny, “Ginny, no matter what is written in your report card, you are capable of many things!”

Ginny smiled. She understood!



* This story is based on a day in Oshin’s childhood, when she was 12 years old and worried about exam results. Through the conversation with her father, she found a reason to never be afraid of failures.

About Oshin Dhawan: Oshin Dhawan is born in India. She is really fond of making new friends, exploring different food and enjoys herself most with paintings and dancing. She is also a sign language enthusiast and likes to have conversations in Indian Sign Language.

The Long Wait! - By Diti Swain & Rajasee Ray

The Long Wait

– A Story by: Diti Swain

– Ilustration by: Rajasee Ray

– Edited by: Beena Rehman


“Triiiiiiinnnnnnnngggg…!” the shrill voice of the landline startled 4-year-old Ginny.

“Hello….?” she answered it.

“Where is your mummy? Can you call her please?” It was Ginny’s father.

“Maaammaaaaa… Papa is on the phone,” shouted Ginny.

Mummy rushed in, holding a pile of sun-dried clothes in her hands.

Ananya followed her. Ananya, Ginny’s cousin, was the same age as her. In fact, they were born on the same day. She was visiting them for a few days. It was hard to tell whether they fought more or loved each other more. But, they did have a lot of fun together.


The conversation was brief. Mummy listened for some time.


“Yes,” said Mummy, glancing at both the children, who were busy squabbling for the 312th time that day.


“What did Papa say?” Ginny asked.

Ananya looked with her curious eyes.


“Nothing,” said Mummy. She got busy folding the clothes.


“Are you are hiding something from us?” asked Ginny.


Mummy ignored the question and asked, “Are you both done with your homework?” She was half hoping that her conscious intent to change the topic would go unnoticed. Thankfully it did!

Ginny and Ananya, reluctantly got up and made a beeline for their study tables. Although Ananya was visiting for a few days, she had brought her storybooks and drawing books. Ginny and Ananya had already looked at the storybooks several times. So, they decided to make a drawing to show it to the didi who would come in the evening to teach them art and craft.


Meanwhile, heaving a sigh of relief and hiding a smile from the duo, Mummy went about doing her chores. Except that her mind was hardly in it. They had recently shifted to this place and were trying hard to settle down.


Mummy’s routine was different today. She made an early dinner, got ready, and waited for Ginny’s Papa, who was expected early that day.

She went to check on the two girls, who after their 317th fight had got tired, and fell asleep. Something seemed different when Ginny and Ananya woke up an hour later.

“Where are you both going?” Ginny asked. She noticed that Mummy and Papa were in hurry.

“To the gate, to buy vegetables,” Papa replied. The area just outside the entry of the township was known as the “Gate” and had many greengrocers with makeshift shops selling their produce.


“Okay… Come back soon,” called out Ginny.

“We will,” replied Papa.

“Don’t fight both of you, don’t open the door to ANYONE, and call Vandana Didi [the neighbour] if you feel scared,” instructed Mummy.


Mummy-Papa left, leaving Ginny and Ananya to what was to be their longest wait ever. They had already finished watching two programmes on TV. Ginny wondered that it had never taken her parents so long to fetch vegetables. What was taking them so long?


“Should I call Vandana Didi? Not yet,” Ginny thought to herself. She stole a glance at Ananya who was watching TV. Three more programmes got over on TV, and there was no sign of Mummy and Papa.


Now, Ananya and Ginny started to get restless, and felt scared too.


“Did they get hurt? Did they lose their way? What if they never come back?” All sorts of disturbing thoughts began to play in their heads.

A girl with phone receiver in her hand. Another girl sitting on a chair and watching herGinny picked up the receiver to call her neighbour. “Buzzzzzzzz,” the phone bell went!

At the same time the doorbell rang too! The girls raced to the door but first peeped through the magic eye. Then Ginny opened the door.

“Where were you? You know how worr…“ she swallowed the other half of her sentence.

Mummy stood in front of them beaming brightly. She looked tired but thrilled!

Papa followed a minute later.


And his hands were full of books!

“Come on you two. There are more outside. Come and fetch them.” Ginny-Ananya followed him and the three of them came back holding even more books! They had to make several trips to get all the books inside.

The orange and blue carpet was covered with piles of books! The four of them gathered in the living room, spreading all the books on the carpet.

Encyclopaedias, knowledge books, folk tales, fairy tales, illustrated books, you name it, and it was there.

Of course, Ginny and Ananya could not understand most of what was written on the books. Nevertheless, there were so many colours, pictures, and shapes in front of them!




“Are you opening a bookshop?” Ginny asked. The question was relevant, since there were no bookshops in Ginny’s neighbourhood.

Mummy laughed.


“No kid. All these books are for both of you! There was a bus that had come to the gate with all sorts of books, and that’s where we had gone. To fetch books for you both! Read as much as you want to. When these are over, we will get more.”


“Ohh,, So that is what you were hiding from us in the afternoon?” asked Ginny.


“Yes! We wanted it to be a surprise. Hope you both like your gift,” Papa said.

“We do! So many books! Thank you! This is a book mountain that we had never imagined,” said Ananya with excitement.


The room was full of joy, gratitude and relief. More than the books, the gift of getting mummy-papa back was what mattered the most. Safe, sound and forever…



*This story is based on Diti’s experience when she was 9 years old in November 1992. Diti lived with her twin sister and parents and had just shifted to Mathura.


About Diti Swain: Diti Swain lives and works in Jamnagar. Storytelling, travelling, and writing are her passions. She feels that people are like books too, if you have the eye to read them. Diti’s belongs to Odisha, and her father’s transferrable job made her study and live in different places.