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Summer Internships For Children In Delhi

summer inetrnships for children. pay to join

Summer Internships for Kids: 25 May -24 June

Do you want to give children a unique summer internship that builds confidence and also exposes them to diverse social issues? Prepare children with life skills for a global world through our special internship program.

Kids will get an internship completion certificate at the end of the learning review post-internship.

Help children develop confidence, creativity, life skills, and empathy for people as well as the planet!

Summer Activties For Children In Delhi

Summer Workshop Series: 25 May -24 June

Do you want to give children a unique summer experience that is not just fun and engaging but also builds life skills for a global world? Through these summer workshop sessions, kids will develop confidence, creativity, life skills, and empathy for people as well as the planet!

summer activties for kids in delhi

Ginny’s Planet & Theatre Kunzum Are Ready To Host Children 8 yrs and Above For An Exciting Summer Holiday!

Join Us for Summer Workshop Series

What: 24 engaging workshop sessions across 48 hours with Experts

When: 25 May-24 June

Timings: 11 am- 1 pm 

Age group: 8 yrs and above

Fee: Rs. 5000 per child (early bird registration) for joining any 15 sessions.

Rs. 8000 per child (early bird registration) for joining all 28 sessions.


What are the topics and activities in summer workshops?

Craft, Doll Making, Recycling, Book Marks Designing


Nutrition & Cooking


Poetry For All

Gender, Body Safety, & Boundaries

Empathy for People & Planet

Open House

Why should you consider these summer workshops?

Do you want to give children a unique summer experience that is not just fun and engaging but also builds life skills for a global world? Through these summer workshop sessions, kids will develop confidence, creativity, life skills, and empathy for people as well as the planet!

Delivered by experts from diverse fields, our Summer Workshop Series is the perfect balance of learning, engagement, and fun. It is a chance for children to experiment, be creative, build confidence, and be challenged to achieve different skills in a low-stress, enjoyable learning environment.


What is the schedule for Summer workshops?

All workshops are from 11-1 pm, 2 hours per day

25 & 26 May: Ginny’s Craft Workshop: with Ginny’s Planet

27 & 30 May, 1, 3, 6, 8, & 10 June. Ginny’s Theatre Group: Acting Workshop: With Shapno Ekhon. Theatre performance on 13 June 5-7:30 pm

31 May: Minimalism: How to Practice in Daily Life: With Kanika Kush

2 June: Poetry for All: A Workshop: with Aate Baate Tales

7 June: Body safety, boundaries & Gender: for 8-12 yr olds: with Gunjan Sharma

9 June: Body safety, boundaries & Gender: for 13-18 yr olds: with Gunjan Sharma

13, 14, 15, 16, 17 June: Ginny’s Healthy Kitchen: Nutrition & Cooking Summer Camp: with Foodshaala Foundation

18, 19, 20, 21 June: Empathy for People & Planet: How to Apply in Daily Life: with Dr. Shweta Verma

24 June, 5 pm IST: Open House with Fun Conversations and Song Release 


How many sessions will the children need to attend?

You can choose to join all relevant sessions by registering for all at early bird rates.


You can pay Rs. 5000 (early bird registration) to join any 15 sessions. We will take your preferences and block the spots in different sessions.


How many spots are there in each workshop?

The spots vary between 30 & 50 according to the preference of the expert conducting the session. The spots, will, of course, fill up fast! Hence, we recommend that you block your spots now.


How big is the workshop venue? Can children with disabilities attend?


The workshops are taking place in a well-lit, clean hall of Theatre Kunzum, M Block Market, GK2, New Delhi. This venue can easily accommodate 100 people. We are keeping the number much lower per workshop so that children have enough space to move around and work.

We welcome all children to join, including children with disabilities.

There is a lift/elevator to reach Theatre Kunzum once you enter the building. However, we apologize for the fact that there are 2-4 steps at the entry which are a barrier for a wheelchair user. The toilet attached to Theatre Kunzum is also not accessible for wheelchair users.

We hope these barriers will be overcome when we do this event again.

Previous Events

Doll & Story making workshop

On 28 March 2023 at 10 am, we are coming back with our most loved workshop: Make your Own Ginny!

We will make Ginny (using things we find at home), weave our own stories, engage in conversations about Ginny and the diversity of human bodies, and imagine many things together!

This workshop is open to all age groups and is FREE. But registering in advance is mandatory.



Date – 28th March

Time – 10-11:30 am IST

Mode – Online on Zoom

Language: English & Hindi mix

FREE Workshop


Who is Ginny?

8 yr old Ginny is a busy girl! She is fun-loving and curious.

Ginny was born with many physical challenges. She has a radial club hand. She manages with nine fingers. She needs to wear thick heavy spectacles to see well. Ginny needs to wear a brace to support her wrist. As a doll and a lead character in stories, Ginny was introduced as a 4 yr old in 2019 by Ginny’s Planet.

Join us for 90 minutes of fun and creativity.

Bring along for the workshop (or order the Kit for this workshop -for 1 participant)

1 small empty water bottle or can

1 Sock


Wool/Thick Thread

Marker/Sketch pen


Glue, Paper Tape

Googlee eyes (optional)

A piece of cloth (could be a handkerchief that you are willing to cut)


Who is your facilitator for this workshop?

Shweta is building a world where being different is ok. She is a social entrepreneur & a social work professional. She is Ph.D. (Social Work) in resilience & has two decades of work experience in the field of disability rights & mental health. Shweta is co-founder of Ginny’s Planet- a social enterprise that spreads empathy, respect for diversity, the spirit of inquiry, and inclusive practices.


Know more about Ginny’s World HERE


Join Us!
25-27 Feb 2023


At: Arpana Art Gallery
Siri Fort Institutional Area

Art Exhibitions, Discussions, Book Readings, Workshops, NGO Stalls

Book discussion on -Over time, space & emotion
schedule from 25 to 27 feb 2023

Join Us This Weekend! Fun , Exhibition & Book Discussions On Till Monday!

Don’t miss:

26 Feb, 3:00-3:30 pm: Technology To Enable Inclusivity – A Discussion
Dr. Shweta Verma in conversation with Siddhant Rathore (Thinkerbell Labs ) explores the use of technology for inclusion.

26 Feb, 4-5:15 pm: Grit & Ginny- Discussion and Reading from 2 books: Grit: The Vishwas Story; & ‘There is something about Ginny”.
Dr. Shweta Verma (Ginny’s Planet) in conversation with Ms Saneya (Assistant Professor, Daulat Ram College), & Sriram Jagannathan ( Co-Author & Artists, Grit Series)

27 Feb, 4:30-5 pm : Over Time, Space, and Emotion– A book reading and discussion
Dr. Shweta Verma (Ginny’s Planet) in conversation with the Author- Richa Sharma, Founder, Ekaant Foundation

Safar-E-Maqaam Festival is being organised by Maqaam Foundation in collaboration with Ginny’s Planet and with support from Access for All, Thinkerbell Labs, VR Ferose.

Let’s build a world where being different is ok!

Please fill this form to Download Catalogue & Schedule for Safar-E-Maqaam Festival 2023
After you submit the form, you will see a message with link to download the catalogue. Please click on it to view & download.

Previous Events 

ginny storybook launch

Ginny’s Planet invites you to a conversation on Inclusive HR Policies & Practices.

This is a series of conversations seeking feedback on the evolving HR systems and processes at Ginny’s Planet. Anyone can join for observation and learning as well.

When: Session 2 on Dec 17, 2022, 10-11:30 AM India
The previous session in the series was on 26 Nov, 2022

Register in advance for this meeting:
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

No. of Spots in the meeting: 50

Panel: Sauban Siddiqui, a strategic, and innovative HR professional with 28 years of experience across multiple industries; & Shailaja Ranjan Raj is an HR & OD Consultant and a Corporate Trainer.

Facilitation of Conversation by Dr. Shweta Verma, Co-Founder, Ginny’s Planet.




Winter Festival 2022 on Ginny's Planet

Ginny’s Planet is back with an online festival for children!
Come with your young ones for half a day on Ginny’s Planet!
Catch the stories and activities on diversity and rights.

Designed For children aged 5-10 years old. But grownups can join too!

When: 10 Dec, 9:30 am- 2:00 pm

Mode: Online on Zoom

What will happen?

9:30 am: Suraksha Aur Adhikaar: A Story Session With Divya Didi

10:15 am: Freedom To Be!: Session with Kanika Kush

11:00 am: Make Christmas Art: With BGCT Team

12:00: Make Your Ginny! – With Bhoomi & Shweta

1:00 pm Spin The Yarn: With Ginny & Shweta

Each session is of 30-45 minutes duration to keep the optimum engagement of children.

Take advantage of early bird rates now!

Empathy and diversity workshops & courses for children and grownups

These trainings are offered by Ginny’s Planet to children aged 4 years and above. We use a combination of stories, toys, games, reflections, and action.  Some of the workshops we offer:

  1. Practicing Empathy
  2. Being different is OKAY: Acknowledging Diversity
  3. Understanding disability as diversity
  4. Inquiry & research as a way of life
  5. Make your own Ginny
  6. Make your own Ginny Stories

‘Disability as diversity’ trainings for adults and organizations:

Orientation sessions with employees of organizations promote an understanding of disability and basic do’s and don’ts of respecting disability as part of human diversity. These orientations are participatory. We engage participants actively through a combination of audio-visual content, discussions, as well as group activities.

Workshops for change-makers and development/social work professionals:
We nurture a range of perspectives and skills through workshops and conversations on empathy, diversity, disability, use of dolls and doll-making as a catalyst for change, and so on.  We also offer 30 minutes free online capsule workshops. These are conducted monthly.

Know your Facilitator: Dr. Shweta Verma

Courses are run in 3-6 sessions. The dates & timings (Mon-Saturday) are decided with mutual discussion. Successful completion of each course involves assignments during the course and Learning Review at the end of the Course.

Why should you orient children through these workshops?

  • You want to prepare future citizens who are kind, caring, and respectful for diversity. Their future decisions will be influenced by how they view their world and their role in it.
  • You want children to combat stereotypes, bias, and discrimination from an early age!
  • To nurture an environment of respect for differences.
  • To nurture the spirit of exploration and inquiry to find answers (instead of believing in opinions)

Want a workshop? Write to us: contact@ginnysplanet.com


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