How to increase the visibility of empathy, diversity, and inclusion content?

By: Mathumitha* & Pallavi Aggarwal**

Empathy, diversity, and inclusion are crucial aspects of creating a more equitable society. In today’s digital age, the visibility of content on these topics has never been more important. With so much information readily available online, it’s crucial that the content that promotes empathy, diversity, and inclusion stands out and reaches a wide audience.

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Why focus on online content? Online content whether it is a website, blog, or social media post is a great tool to spread awareness about the organization or a theme. It helps to communicate to the audience what we do and how we do it. For any organization to reach the maximum target audience visibility is important. We need people to see us and our content and establish ourselves as thought leaders in the empathy, diversity, and inclusion content. While content creation is important, you also need to have the right content distribution strategies or visibility to your content. If this does not happen, the purpose of creating that content will be defeated. So, here are some ways to increase the visibility of content.

Ways to increase the visibility of content 

1. Create Quality Content 

Creating quality content that your audience wants or expects from you is important. It takes time, effort, and resources. Content is always created keeping in mind the audience, the purpose of the content, and the message you want to convey via your content. For example, Ginny’s Planet works with children and provides resources to parents and educators. It has blogs on various ways to practice and teach Empathy to children. For example: 
1. 8 Ways To Teach Empathy To A Child
2. How To Teach Empathy In Schools

2. Create shareable content

This is important for increasing the visibility of content on empathy, diversity, and inclusion. Make sure your content is easy to understand, visually appealing, and provides valuable information that people will want to share with their network. You can also make it easy for people to share your content by including social sharing buttons on your site and encouraging people to share your content through calls to action.

3. Adding Keywords

Keywords are the terms people use to search for content online. By incorporating relevant keywords into your content, you can increase its visibility on search engines and make it easier for people to find. This will have strategic long-term advantages. When writing about empathy, diversity, and inclusion, be sure to use keywords like “empathy,” “diversity,” “inclusion,” “diversity and inclusion,” and “empathy in the workplace”.

How to find and choose keywords for your content?

Keyword strategies are important. You need to start with the customer or the audience in mind and think of phrases they may use to try and find you on the web. Consider words relevant to problems you solve for your target customers. If choosing keywords for a campaign then use specific slogans/ keywords. This must corroborate with the content on your website. Keywords can be common keywords that will generate more traffic but will be highly competitive or unique keywords that though less competitive may generate lower traffic. Some tools you can use to find and choose keywords are – 

  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Semrush

Once chosen, these keywords need to be incorporated into your content, social media platforms, headers, captions, and website to improve your chance of ranking high on the SERP (Search Engine Research Page).

4. Include Visuals

Text-heavy content will not catch the eye. Today people have access to a lot of information. Therefore, to get noticed must have relevant visuals to catch the users’ eye. The visuals should be able to attract the consumer as well as tell the consumer what the material is about. Including a visual on the web page, in blog posts, or in social media feeds is one of the best ways to boost engagement and visibility. Photos, infographics, GIFs, and visuals are all suitable choices. Not only do visual posts get more shares, likes, and comments; people retain the information in them better.

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5.Integrated Marketing Communication

The content distribution strategy has to be multi-channel. You need to decide the channel of communication, the type of content on that channel based on your target audience, and the frequency of posting. 

It creates potential opportunities for users to engage with your content. Use all the social media platforms to promote your content as well as asking users to visit and follow your other channels.

Social media is a powerful tool for reaching a large audience and promoting your content. Share your posts and articles on your personal and/or brand social media accounts and consider using relevant hashtags to make it easier for people to find your content. You can also reach out to journals, publications, and organizations in your field for backlinks and inbound links. Inbound links from credible websites/ social media platforms will only increase the credibility and visibility of your content.

6. Campaign

A campaign is a marketing strategy in which we use different social media formats to reach our target consumers and prospective consumers. A campaign is an effort to put forward to drive engagement, visibility, and traffic. A campaign is always multi-channel to ensure maximum visibility and the target audience of each channel is different. For example, on the 3rd year anniversary of Ginny’s Planet, we ran a campaign to spread brand awareness. We included all the platforms.

7. Use of different forms of communication

  1. E-mail Marketing.

This is one of the most personal forms of direct communication with the customer. The ROI on email marketing is always higher. Email is almost always the first digital identity of a business. It helps to make your content visible to the customer directly. The click-through rate is usually higher and it leads to increased traffic. It has tools for customization. Email marketing helps to promote specific products or services and also information. It can help make our customers aware of your latest news, products, and services.

2. Social media Platforms.

Social media platforms are the most widely used form of communicating with customers /users. It helps us to easily connect with our audience to build our brand, increase sales and drive traffic to our website.

3. Blogs.

Blogs help us to promote/share our thoughts and act as a guide to our audience. The main purpose of the blog is to provide useful information and resources on topics where you want to establish thought leadership. Eg, when a customer wants to read up content on empathy, diversity, and inclusion they must first think of Ginny’s Planet.  


By following these tips, you can increase visibility for your content on empathy, diversity, and inclusion and reach a wider audience. Remember to focus on creating high-quality, valuable content that promotes empathy, diversity, and inclusion.


About Ginny’s Planet

Ginny’s Planet is a social enterprise Co-founded by Dr. Shweta Verma in 2019. The brand runs on the core value of helping our teachers and parents to teach their children to become independent, smart, and better leaders by equipping them with a deep understanding of empathy, diversity, disability, and inclusion. Dr. Shweta and the team design events, workshops, and products to help guardians & schools to develop kids’ mindsets and evolve as adaptive and flexible human beings. They work with schools to organize workshops for children and teachers.

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About the authors: 

*Mathumitha is working as Digital Media & Technology Executive on Ginny’s Planet. She started her journey with Ginny’s Planet in 2021 as Mom-Intern- Digital Marketing. Now, Mathumitha is part of the team that plans and executes content marketing campaigns on Ginny’s Planet. 

**Pallavi Aggarwal started her journey with Ginny’s Planet as a mom intern in 2021. She says: “The pillars of Ginny’s Planet – Empathy, Respect for Diversity, and Inclusivity resonate very strongly with me. As a mother of an 8-year-old, I am striving to build a world where -Being Different is Ok”.  Pallavi is currently Head- Marketing, and Communication, at Ginny’s Planet.